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I used a budget template, and then added sheets to it.  I would like the categories to link to the original summary page provided.  IE: any item with the "income" category should be totaled in the "income" section on the budget summary; any item with the "entertainment" category should be totaled in the "entertainment" section on the budget summary.  I used the provided drop down category list.  I didn't edit or add any formulas.  I just need multiple added sheets to all be summarized on the provided summary sheet.  


Thank you for any guidance you can provide!


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It's rather difficult to offer any specific suggestions with such a general description of your need. Do the sheets you added each reflect one of the budget categories you're alluding to (for example)? 


In general, templates that you download are NOT easily modified, especially with regard to their fundamental design, and that appears to be what you're trying to do.


That said, if you could provide a clearer picture...maybe even give us a link to the source of the template, we could at least take a look at it. But a more complete and precise description from you of the changes you're hoping to make would be a big help to.


I would also offer the observation that in general it's a mistake to think you need one new sheet for each category, if that's what you're doing. That's a carry-over from our days of keeping records on paper; it actually interferes with Excel's ability to parse single data tables, abilities that are quite remarkable. So I hope you're open to re-thinking how you're approaching this.

Attached is a photo of the provided summary sheet, and at the bottom you can see I added sheets. The original template came with one summary and one sheet.
If we determine that editing the given template to my specific needs won't be possible, or will be extremely difficult, I'm open to the idea of re-doing the workbook. The biggest hurdle was entering in each item (expense) for both my husband Jake and myself, as we have completely separate incomes, accounts, etc. So that part is done, and I don't mind having to do some extra work beyond that to get exactly what I need out of the budget...I know excel can do a lot that I'm unfamiliar with, so I'm looking forward to growing through this project! I'm sure the knowledge will also help me in my business, as I recently became a two-store pizza franchisee :-)))


A link to the source of that template--where did you get it from? Is it from a Microsoft site, or something you found via Google or other search engine. I can't tell much from the image alone.