Bringing the Curve to the Forefront

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I have hundreds of points on my graphs; sometimes, thousand or more. And regardless how I set the order of series (the points, first & the curve, second, or the other way around), always the curve is buried under the points. What do I do wrongly? Unless something is wrong with my Excel 

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Do you mean the curve and points in Scatter Chart?
I suppose bring forward/backward doesn't support layer order within a chart.
There's some workaround to make the curve clearly.

(1) Click the points, in "Format Data Point" -> Fill & Line -> Marker -> Marker Option, decrease size of Built-in point marker.

(2) Copy the chart, show only points in ChartA; show only curve in ChartB, fill with transparent and bring forward.

(3) Create Scatter chart without line -> Select Source, add same series again -> Select this new series, Format Data Series -> Plot Series on Second Axis, Change Chart Type of 2nd series as "Scatter with Smooth Line"

Thank you, very much; you've been very kind.

Definitely, the second option gives the best results. When I am finished with the project and ready to write the report, I will "doctor" the figures that I need correspondingly.

Best Regards, CS.