Breaking Links and Name Manager

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my department has a spreadsheet we all update for inventory. Now that we have all put in our information we now get this pop up that states "we can't update some of the links" every time we open the file. SO ANNOYING. I know i can't set it to never update or prompt but i want to RESOLVE the Issue not put a bandaid on it.

when i open the filewhen i open the filewhen i choose edit linkswhen i choose edit links

following what I could on some forums I have tried to break the link in edit links but selecting Break link does nothing. I have tried to go through the work book and figure out what cells are using the source. i have even recreated the work sheet and did a copy and past special values & number formatting hoping i would loose the external link. still no luck. 


there was another forum that mentioned deleting the entry in name manager but i get no option to delete the object. I just want to remove the reference to the external link or find a way to narrow down what is using that external link exactly. also throughout the workbook the worksheets do have drop down menus




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It is quite likely there is a hidden link in one of the table columns. Excel retains the formula which has been used in a table column. To find the problem column, add a new row by selecting the bottom-right cell of your table and hitting the TAB key once.
Now check all formulas in the newly added row.

I am having the exact same issue and can't find the reference.  I tried tabing from the bottom right cell in the table - but still no luck.  Any other suggestions?

Try using FindLink by Bill Manville:

I used the break link add-in recommended and whilst it did find links, and I clicked to delete them, I still have a source listed in the Edit Links section.


So I tried the Break Link button again, but still nothing.


Thank in advance 



You mean the FINDLINK tool did not find the link? Try saving the file after breaking the link, closing it and opening it again. If that fails, can you perhaps email the file to me so I can have a look? Find my email address on my website, bottom of each page.

I used findlink and it worked.  Thank you.