Better formula for multi criteria with SUMIFS

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Hi there.


Hope you can help me to improve my formula.


Here are my data

Product A15
Product B100
Product B20
Product A30
Product A50
Product B30
Product A20
Product A100
Product B50
Product A20
Product C50


For calculating the sum of "product A" priced 20 or 50, I use (in french) SOMME.SI.ENS(B2:B12;A2:A12;"Product A";B2:B12;20)+SOMME.SI.ENS(B2:B12;A2:A12;"Product A";B2:B12;50).

Is there a better / more compact formula to do this?

And, how can I sum "product A" and "product B" priced 20 or 50 without a long formula?


Thanks for you answer.

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@nbb22 Consider using a structured table with a total row and slicers.