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Dear Experts,


May be a stupid question, but will ask.

How to Color a bar differently based on the different values it has(in X-axis) or say in Y-axis,

for example in current case, I want all the Bars for PCSI with different colors , with those of the ACSI



But the problem is when I select any of the bar it highlight the whole chart and bars..

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@anupambit1797 You would have to work with separate series for ASCI and PSCI and have the bars overlap as in the attached (smaller scale) example. Each series will have a value or NA# (or an empty string if you prefer that ) for all data points. In the example I used the NA and ISNA functions.


Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 08.36.03.png

See if you can get this work on your real data.