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To use a barcode scanner like the model BCST-73 in Excel, you will need to set up the scanner to behave like a keyboard input device, so that when you scan a barcode, it will input the barcode data into the active cell in Excel, just as if you were typing it in manually.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the barcode scanner in Excel:

  1. Connect the barcode scanner to your computer using a USB cable or the appropriate connection method.
  2. Open Excel and make sure the worksheet you want to work with is open.
  3. Click on the cell where you want to start scanning the barcode data.
  4. Set up the barcode scanner to act as a keyboard input device by scanning the appropriate configuration barcode(s) provided in the scanner's user manual. Typically, you will find configuration barcodes in the scanner's manual or on the manufacturer's website.
  5. Once the scanner is set up as a keyboard input device, you can start scanning barcodes.
  6. Simply position the scanner over the barcode and press the trigger (or scan button) to scan the barcode. The scanned data will be automatically input into the active cell in Excel.
  7. Continue scanning barcodes, and Excel will automatically move to the next cell in the same column after each scan.
  8. If you need to scan barcodes into different columns, you can manually move to the desired cell using the arrow keys or mouse before scanning.

Remember that the barcode scanner behaves like a keyboard, so it will input the barcode data wherever the cursor is active. Make sure you have the correct cell selected before scanning the barcode to ensure the data is entered in the right place.

Additionally, some barcode scanners come with software utilities that allow further customization of the scanner's behavior. You may want to check the user manual or manufacturer's website for additional configuration options or software tools specific to your model of barcode scanner. The text and the steps are the result of various AI's put together.


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