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i can't make my bar chart out of 100%, i select my values and choose my bar chart but it doesn't want to have the maximum 100%. it makes it out of 60% because my values are 55 and 45. Please help, thanks.

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Did you create a 100% stacked bar chart?


hey, i went for the 2D one because i need it upstraight. 


You mean a column chart instead of a bar chart?

If so, did you select a 100% Stacked Column chart?

yes, column chart and i selected 100% stacked column chart but didn't work out.


Could you upload a sample workbook demonstrating the problem without sensitive data to a cloud service such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar. Obtain a link to the uploaded file and post the link in a reply.

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Please let me know if everything is fine.



Perhaps you mean this one




no i mean my bar graph is not maxing out of 100 instead it maxes out at 60.

Thanks for the help.

@Sergei Baklan 


@Sergei Baklan has shown you the problem: the two values are data points of the same series. There is no point in using a stacked column chart for that.

But if you really want, change the chart to a clustered column chart, then double-click the y-axis and set the maximum to 100.


By switching rows and columns, as Sergei suggested, you create two series with one data point each, the two series will add to 100%.

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You may double click on axis and format it as desired


yeah i hear you but he solved my problem
Thank you so much for the effort!
Thank you so much Sergei,
you really helped me out.

@jose75 , you are welcome, glad to help