Banded Rows in Excel not working

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Under the Design tab, I selected the "Banded Rows" option. When I did, the Table Styles preview then showed banded rows.

Then when I tried to apply a style that had banded rows, the banded rows did not apply to the table. What went wrong?

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I guess that the table already has its own format.


Please select the table, then go to Home >> Font >> Fill Color.

And select No Fill as shown in the below screenshot:


No Fill.png


Hope that helps


It worked!  Thanks so much.

Great! You resolved my old mystery.

This is not working for me.  Still no alternating row color.

@geoperkinsTurns out yo need to have a field under "Values" in your Pivot Table to get banded rows...


I know... it is a feature  

@AmigoDeluxe thank you! That was the piece I was missing.

Unfortunate that I need to choose between adding a field I don't need and the formatting that I want.

@JamesBalisciano I agree with you. My first thought was to just hide that extra column but that caused the issue again so the workaround I found was to set the column's width to 1 pixel so not really hidden but "invisible" to the eye.

@Haytham Amairah 


Thank you this worked!!!

Thank you!!!! I have been banging my head on my desk for three days on this. Much appreciated.

Yes it worked very well thank you @Haytham Amairah 

Doing pivot table summary then double clicking at the grand total gives the whole excel table with its banded rows.
Thank you!