Automatically start Excel & open csv file using _auto.csv

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Hi, with earlier verions of MS Excel when a file with the filename extension _auto.csv or .auto.csv was download or copied on my PC Excel would automatically open and import the csv file. Now with 365 it starts Excel but does not open the file ... I assume there is a setting or assocation issue here but I cannot find it.


Please advise.

Thank you


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Hi Ivan,


No special settings, Excel 2016 works with .csv files as all previous versions. 

Did I understand correctly - you double click on csv file, Excel starts but after that you see only empty window without any messages?

And - can you open the same file from within opened Excel? Did you try to open csv from other locations on your PC?



Hi Sergei ,

Thank you for the response, but no, I don't think you did understand.


1.  If a file name contains the _auto.csv or .auto.csv as the filename suffix .... as an example

somefilename_auto.csv as opposed to somefilename.csv


2.  On older versions (Excel even with W10) when such a file is downloaded onto the C: drive from an external source MS Excel automatically starts and opens the file in the first sheet. This also works for files like somefilename_auto.pdf (opens Acrobat and the file automatically).


3.  With a new system with current versions of Windows 10 & Excel 265 this no longer happens.

When  the file (somefilename_auto.csv) is downloaded Excel opens but with an empty window not even a blank sheet.


4.  The file can then be opened manually. Alternatively once the file has downloaded and Excel closed double clicking on the file opens Excel and the file as expected, or if Excel is already open before downloading the file then the file opens in a new Excel sheet correctly.


5.  So the question is why would Excel open automatically on the download of the file BUT NOT open the file itself as happens with older versions?


I hope this explains the issue better?







I see. Can say nothing about auto-opening, as for the empty window on opening such issue exists with Excel 2016.


Please check this if something helps.