Autofill without option

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When I use autofill function I get no option how to autofill. Instead I get Speed analyses.

How can I get back my autofill option

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You should get the Quick Analysis button when you select a range, not when you drag the fill handle. Are you sure that you dragged the fill handle?

@Hans Vogelaar Yes I am pretty sure of that. I have used the autofill function for many years, but somehow the option was replace by this rapid analyses. 


Try turning off Quick Analysis:

Select File > Options.

Clear the 'Show Quick Analysis options on selection' check box.


PS The AutoFill options menu should pop up if you drag the fill handle with the right mouse button.

Thank's - that took away the rapid analyses, but now I don't get any option.


Do you drag the fill handle with the right mouse button?

Yes. Now I get the option menu up, but all choices except from copy are unaccessable.


Even the Fill Formatting Only and Fill Without Formatting options?

Yes, Those opions is also in grey.


Strange. I'm afraid I have no explanation or solution for that, sorry.

Anyhow, thank you for your help so far, Hans!