Autofill options are not appearing when I drag the cell

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I want to drag cells down the same row. However, when I do it, it only repeats the same one, even though I select different dates, for example when selecting 09/04/19 & 10/04/19 and dragging them down, all the cells would have 09/04/19. As I drag the cells, autofill options do not appear, instead, I get the option for "quick analysis". Please help.  

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@Sebastian_Mora , even your dates actually texts, autofill shall appear as


Quick analysis if only you select entire range


Try to drag pressing right button, when you shall have menu as this after releasing the button



If you don't want to display the Auto Fill Options button every time you drag the fill handle, just turn it off. Similarly, if the button does not show when you use the fill handle, you can turn it on. Go to File / Office button -> Options -> Advanced and find the Cut, copy and paste



go to file - option - advance and unable drag and drop






To (re)activate the paste options: 

File > Options > Advanced > Show paste options button when content is pasted (turn this on)


Hope this helps. 

Salmanali's answer works.