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I have two questions regarding the same spreadsheet. Let me make a small example first:


A                                        B                       C                         D                 E

01-01-2021 00:00              1.23                   01-01-2021

01-01-2021 01:00              1.03                   02-01-2021

01-01-2021 02:00              1.15                   03-01-2021

01-01-2021 03:00              1.47                   04-01-2021

01-01-2021 04:00              1.68                   05-01-2021



31-12-2021 23:00              


1) In column D I would like to display the MAX value for each day, which is simple enough, "=MAX(B2:B25)" and the next would be "=MAX(B26:49)" and so on. Is it possible to autofill for the entire year?? If I use the usual autofill it only increment by 1 and not 23, which is the idea.


2) Is it possible, in column E, to display the corresponding max value from column D to the value in column A?? In the above example the max value from the day would be "1.68" and then the value in E2 would be "01-01-2021 04:00".



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@Sanjyn81 You can try MAXIFS() with date+time comparison.




Then try FILTER(), and SORT().








An alternative suggestion for e.g. Excel 2013 is in the attached file.

@Sanjyn81 First we create a new column (C) with the date of the date-time column, with this formula:




Then we find the maximum using this formula:




 Then we can find the associated time where this maximum occurred using the following formula:





I made a custom video explaining how to apply these formulas in your case:


Optional tip if this was helpful: [link removed by admin]

This worked super great, thanks.