Auto Sum Errors

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I have a list of numbers all formatted as follows:   100.0000 

I try to AutoSum the list of numbers; it has always added up the numbers & put the sum in the field following those I selected for summing. 

However, instead of adding them up it inserts a sum formula in the top field. 

Why? What have I done wrong & how do I get AutoSum working again. 


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Can you provide a screenshot of it?
here is the screen shot - The problem is specific to this worksheet as AutoSum works in others.
I have tried every I know to insert the full sheet & to then copy & paste, nothing worked. Sorry

PTO Balance
=SUM(A2:A29 This field to the left had a PTO Balance also but the formula was written over the
numbers in the field when I clicked AutoSum after highlighting the entire
column of numbers expecting the total to be added to the 1st empty field at
the bottom of the list. Nothing appeared there.
I'm sorry I could not send you the entire worksheet.

@skluin   Hi everyone,

I also ran into this problem.  I have been using Excel extensively since the day it was released for the first time.  I decided that the downloaded data I was using for some reason included a tag or other identifier which interfered with the Autosum function (I tried all the tricks) even though the data looked like it was formatted correctly.  In other words, I had the option to download it as an excel worksheet.  Didn't work.  I went back to my data source and downloaded a CSV file instead and then pasted the data into my Excel worksheet using Paste Special>Values and Formats.  I was able to filter the data and use the AutoSum function without any issues.  So frustrating.  My download source was QBO (good ole QBO, lots of quirky issues that they have had YEARS to fix and never have.)

Me too! I recently created a new version of my annual home-made bookkeeping spreadsheet - I have many clients and bill them and insurance companies weekly. My very simple worksheet for adding up each client's payments isn't working! I've checked that the format for all cells is Currency, and have been using autosum to add up these darn columns.