Auto populating multiple sheets from a master sheet based on a category drop down

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hello.  We are a start up and are currently using a master list to track all external meetings until we determine the best CRM system.   This master contains 14 columns of data, hundreds of rows of contacts.  I'm hoping that everytime someone enters a new meeting, it could auto populate a secondary sheet based on the category/industry of the client  (ie all auto meeting are copied to an Auto sheet in the same workbook).   I want to the whole row of info to copy over so at the end we have the master and then ten or so industry sheets.   Is there a way to do this automatically or am I stuck copying and pasting constantly?



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A possible solution could be Power Query. In the attached file you can enter meetings in the blue dynamic table in the master sheet. Then you can click in any cell of a green table and right-click with the mouse and select refresh in order to update this green result table.


Master Sheet:

master sheet.JPG


Sheet Car with the result table for category "Car":

result sheet car.JPG