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I would like to auto-populate from the individual CSS sheets into the All Jobs sheet or vice versa. For example, if I add a job, in the All Jobs sheet, can it auto populate into the individual sheets based on the Contract Services Sup. selection I make OR can the All Jobs sheet automatically fill in if I add to the individual CSS sheets? Are either of these options possible?

See attached. 

Any assistance is much appreciated!



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Hello @kaylaw,

See the image below,


formula on B2:


 then drag (not copy) it to % Completed column. and then fill it downward.


sample file is on the attached.



Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this!!


A variant, if you have access to Lambda.



Stack - a 3D stack of all CSS sheets

Lambda 'Pad' - designed to take each 'CSS' and repeat it 1000x
=LAMBDA(a,v,VSTACK(a, EXPAND(v, 1000, , v)))

'Pad' is called to stack the CSS names
=LET(r, ROWS(Stack) / 3, DROP(REDUCE("", {"CSS1", "CSS2", "CSS3"}, Pad), 1))

Lambda 'CSS' - this function takes a stack of 3,000 rows. It only pulls rows with the selected CSS from the drop down and rows that are not blank.
=LAMBDA(Contractor_Service_Sup,FILTER(Stack, (CSS_Stack = Contractor_Service_Sup) * (TAKE(Stack, , 1) <> 0)))

Sheet level formula: