An Excel-Based Game

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This post aims to highlight the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel that is equally relevant to the non-financial areas.


Being an excel enthusiast, I believe that the scope of Microsoft Excel is much broader than it is assumed.


To demonstrate the possibilities of using excel in non-conventional assignments, I have tried to design an excel version of a famous board game that is ‘Four-In-A-Row’. This excel-based game can be played between two players. For this post, I got inspiration from ‘Excel as ESport” initiated by FMWC.


This game model does not require complex calculations rather it is built using some basic and common excel formulas. The most useful tool for shaping this model is ‘Conditional formatting.




I am hopeful that this game model will provide some learning opportunities.


Feedback and comments from the respected members of this wonderful community will be of great value to me.


In my next post, I will share a modified version of the same game that would allow competing against the computer.




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Hi @tauqeeracma 


I just downloaded your file and played a few quick matches and I really like it, what a wonderful idea!

So far, I did not look into the formulas and the logic of how it's built, but it's really nice!


Thanks a lot for this,


Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your comments and appreciation.

I like it! Very clever and the formulas are clean. I played a few games of 'Connect 4' as a kid. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Patrick

Thanks a lot for your nice comments.

Excellent game and well prepared, I will use this to try get kids using computer and excel more to show what can be created.
Excellent!! Fabulous job Tauqeer
Many thanks for your comments
Hi, Madsen
Many thanks for your comments.


Very nice! <thumbsup>

Thanks Hans for your appreciation, it's valuable for me.