alt-enter (cell line breaks) is not working in Excel 365.

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I have tried Ctrl+Enter, Windows+Alt+Enter. etc. but unable to start a new line in a cell in Excel 365. Please help.

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Make sure that you turn on Wrap Text in the Alignment group of the Home tab of the ribbon for the cells in which you want line breaks.

@Hans Vogelaar This still doesn't work. 


That's weird.

What happens if you do the following?

  • Enter the formula ="One"&CHAR(10)&"Two" in a cell.
  • Turn on Wrap Text for that cell.
  • If necessary, increase the row height.

Do you see two lines in the cell?

@vipinchaudhary I encounter the same problem, and I still can't solve it.


Did you set Wrap text for the cell(s) ?

Finally have the solution - use the alt key to the left of the space bar (and not the one on the right) while simultaneously pressing  the Enter key. This creates another line within the cell. Not sure when did Microsoft make this change!!

@Discoverer  This left Alt worked for me too! Had been struggling through this one since long


You're a saviour! Thank you so much for taking the time to update what worked for you!
I have this too but only when using Excel in a Sharepoint spreadsheet. Alt+Return/Enter works in spreadsheets when outside Sharepoint. I'm using Office for Mac 365.
Thank you for the answer, since a year I was struggling to find an answer for Alt -enter in excel sheet. At last, I found it. However, it is a little wired from Microsoft that it works only with the left alt key and not the right side ALt key of space bar. Microsoft to see and sort it out Some times it's frustrating. Thanks @Discoverer

This did not work for me.  (Windows 10 VDI using Excel 2008 13127.21064)  I have to use ALT + Windows + Enter ON THE LEFT to make this work.

You mean left Alt + Enter does not create a new line? I have been using excel 365, so chances are it is different for excel 2008. In any case I do not understand the logic for Microsoft deactivating one of the alt keys for this options. Now one has to use both the hands for the functionality

@vipinchaudhary Like you, the Alt+Enter isn’t working in Excel 365 any longer. So I looked in the Help/Support and here’s the solution, you’ll need to use the onscreen keyboard for this to work (I’m using an iPad). I’ve added the screenshot as it didn’t have a link.22DB4AF1-86AC-48D8-B0D1-A9826FC9852A.jpeg


F** Man. Finally worked. Thanks!!


I have been struggling with this almost everyday for the last year and not found an answer.  Thank you so much for ending the hard return chaos in my work life!  


Many thanks for the hint. Microsoft has weird improvements.

Thanks for help.. I was struggling too. What I was doing that simply a laptop restart to make the right Alt again. Interestingly when I applied your WA ( using the left Alt ) once then right Alt started working again... this means that code is somehow getting updated in memory after applying the WA. So this is a bug ..not a feature I guess