Advanced FILTER Function with Wildcards

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Hi !


My team and I have been working on a project management tracker that filters information from Sheet 1 (we’ll call Big Data Table) and imports to other Sheets based on what is contained in a column we’ll call Category.

We’ve had a few issues with a few rows of data not being reflected in the other sheets because the filter is only scanning for particular texts, example =FILTER(Database, Database[Category]= “Apples”, “n/a”).

Is there a way to add wildcards to this function so that in the cases where the Category column in the Big Data Table contains “Apples/Oranges”, this row of data could be reflected in both Apples and Oranges sheets?


Thank you so much.


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You can try this formula.

filter isnumber.JPG




Thank you! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Really appreciate the quick response.