Adding Image to Excel Headers doesn't work!

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MSO365 Excel ver 2108 (build 14326.20855)  Corporate O365 License

Open Excel > Page Layout > Down arrow in lower right corner of Page Setup > Header/Footer Tab.

Click "Custom Header..."

click in any of the section.  Then click the "Insert Picture" button.

The following box opens up and NONE of the options are selectable or do anything when you click on them.  Only the Bing search box is selectable and doesn't search anything.



The only way I've found around this is to type something in the Bing search box and hit the magnifier icon to search.  when it errors with the following error box, then you hit "Work Offline" button and it will give you explorer view of your local drive.



I've tested this on a half dozen different PC's in our environment and all have the same issue.  All system are listed as having all updates.


This work around is not working well for my users.  Advanced users get it and roll with the issue but my more established and nontechnical users have an issue with it.


Does anyone know of a fix for this?  I've been hunting the internet for a week now and not found anyone else talking about this issue.


Any help is appreciated.



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You'll have to use the workaround until Microsoft fixes this bug.