Adding Filtered Data From Another Spreadsheet

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Is there a way to filter data in a spread sheet and then add it to another spread sheet, aside from copying and pasting? I imported data from another spread sheet, but I need to filter it and add parts to another spread sheet. I want to know if there is any way I can filter the data, add it to the new spread sheet, and perhaps update it by refreshing the import.

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Hi Tyrell


Advanced Filter could work, it filters data and copy result to another location

Thanks, It works to an extent. It doesn't seem like the filter is continuous. Meaning if I add too or refresh the data I imported so that there are more items the match my criteria,  it doesn't add to what has been copied.  Do you know any way around that?


Hi Tyrell,


To my knowledge advance filter doesn't work with dynamic range (you may use static range with the gap for all possible data) and not auto-refresh. If only not to use VBA, you may google samples for such scenarios.


On the other hand you may use Power Query to pick-up your data, transform the data and load the result into another place. Better in combination with excel tables for raw data. If you import data from the external source perhaps you may combine importing and transformation of the data using suitable Power Query connector.