adding a record on sheet one and data mismatching on sheet two

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I am creating a database with people being added and deleted often. Sheet one is the list of people. Sheet two thru four has data specific to that person and have their names referenced to the cell on sheet one. 

When i add a record to sheet one, the subsequent sheets end up with mismatched data. 


any ideas on the correct way to reference while updating the other sheets and maintaing the orginal data in the columns?

Sheet one and two.pngSheets one and two originalUpdated.pngSheets one and two with added record on first sheet. and reference function visiable

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Hello Tom,
In NoCo!A2, enter the formula =ROW()-1, then copy it down. In Flu!A2, enter the formula =INDEX(NoCo!A:A,ROW()), copy to B2, and down the rows. Do the same for Pneumonia!A2 and TB!A2.

thank you. that is incredibly helpful. it works better. i need only learn how to lock the rows across the table on the sheets 2 through the last sheet. i wish to sort from entering the new records on the first sheet.

Thank you for taking your time to help!

If you need to copy the same value down the rows, insert $ before row number.
Conversely, to copy the same value across the columns, insert $ before the column letter.