Adding a barcode

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I would like to take text from a cell and add a scannable barcode. Can that be done? Sorry in excel

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You'll have to install a Barcode Font 

@Hans Vogelaar 


I have done that. What's the next step?

Thanks very much for the help

I got it to work
Thanks for the help!


Glad to hear that!

@dsoraccoHow did you get it to work?


Let's say you enter the letters/digits you want to convert to barcode in A2 and down.

Enter the formula ="*"&A2&"*" in B2.

Set the font of B2 to the barcode font that you downloaded and installed.

Fill down from B2.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks I figured out it was a glitch in the spreadsheet.  I deleted that sheet & started over, worked perfectly.

Now to figure out how to build the rest of the spreadsheet