Add / Edit Note to Excel cell has disappeared

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I have opened a file I was working on yesterday and have noticed that the ability to Add / Edit Notes and Comments has disappeared from the 'right-click' menu for all cells.  I have not protected any cells or sheets within the Workbook but have no idea why its gone.  Any help would be appreciated.

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If I'm not wrong then you are struggling with COMMENTS,,, do this,,, select the cell then right Click & from the menu find Hide/Unhide Comment,, hit once sets the comment appears (if is hidden) another sets comments disappear ( if is Un-hidden) .

@Rajesh_Sinha Thanks for the reply.  I am aware of the menu that appears when you highlight a cell and 'right click'.  The issue is that the menu appears when I 'right-click' but the options to Add / Edit / Delete both Notes and Comments has disappeared from the menu.


I'd check in Safe mode (Win+R, excel /safe) if it works or not, next do Office repair.

It's unusual activity since Insert Comments & then others are built in commands,,, one you try SHIFT+F2 ,,,, I'm sure this will works.



You may try this as a trouble shooter:


Try this VBA Macro:

  • To open the VB Editor  press Alt+F11.
  • Insert a new module from Insert  then Module.
  • Copy and Paste this code. 




Sub ShowCommandButtons()
   Dim bar As CommandBar
   For Each bar In Application.CommandBars
End Sub




  • Save the WB as Macro Enabled *.xlsm.
  • Press F5 to run the Macro.




  • Back to sheet & insure that the Comment/Note commands have been restored or not. 
  • Remember Comments is available with every version of Excel but the Note is with higher versions only.


Yes. it is working. Thanks Mr. Rajesh.