Add Annotation to Graph Data Point

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On an Excel time graph, how do I add an annotation on a single data point?   At the place where the orange line becomes flat below, the temperature of a fermentation changed.  So I want to document that.




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@Detlef Lewin When I follow those directions I get this menu. I don't see any option to add a label. 



Does my version of Excel not support annotations of graph data points?


Data labels are the only way of consistently adding information to chart points, but they always apply to a chart series as a whole, not to individual points.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Okay, so I select all the data points my series that I want to annotate, and when I right-click I get this image. I don't see an annotation option there?




There is no annotation option in the sense that you want.

You have selected the data labels.

Select 'Format Data Labels' from the context menu to activate the task pane of the same name:


You can enter the annotations that you want in a range of cells, then select 'Value From Cells' in the task pane and point to that range.

For example:




Formatting menus for a chart are contextual based on what is active.

I recommend using this drop down to view what you have active:


1-click selects the series. 2 clicks selects a data point and from there you add a single data label.