Add a whole number to a Cell and it shows the number as a 100th i,e 4 goes to 0,04

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When I change a whole number in a Cell of an existing workbook it inputs the number as a 100th i,e if I change 5 to 4 it shows as 0,04



1) I'm in Indonesia so the separator for a decimal is a comma.

2) I've tried different Cell formats, Number, General, Accounting and these have all the same issue.  Percentage format gives me the correct whole number but with the % sign shown.

The Text format is the only one that works, but that means my whole workbook needs to change and I'm not sure of any formula consequences. 


As I'm not the world's greatest at excel I'm hoping there's a simple answer to this.


Thanks for any help you may provide.

3) The workbook has been around a bit on different computers and different versions of excel but I did switch on compatibility mode with no effect.

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Select File > Options > Advanced.

Under Editing options, clear the check box 'Automatically insert a decimal point'.

Click OK.


Thank you Hans, this worked perfectly.