Add a tracing image (background image) to a spreadsheet

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I would like to add an image, as a 'tracing image', behind a range of spreadsheet cells.


I find that I can add a 'background image' (which, most puzzling, is not in the background but is on top of the cells so that the underlying cells cannot be accessed). I also see that I can add a 'wallpaper image' that is truly behind the cells, but that doesn't appear to be able to be sized or repositioned or to have the tiling feature turned off.


Is there a way to place an image onto a sheet, change its size and location placement (& transparency), and then "Send to Back" so that values can be entered into the cells that are in front of the image?



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No, as far as I know that is not possible.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for the confirmation. At least I don't need to keep trying....

Do you have a recommendation for the best way to submit a request for this new bit of functionality?


Two options:

  1. Excel Feedback Portal 
  2. From within Excel: select File > Feedback > Send a Suggestion
An option could be going into Page Layout view and inserting the picture into the header and then pressing enter several times to center it on the sheet. It's the "watermark workaround" which might fit your needs here.