ActiveX SaveAs

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We are using an old application that uses ActiveX code to convert an Excel XML spreadsheet to an Excel XLSX file using the SaveAs() command.


We have recently been getting an error where it's saying that it cannot access a file. An example error message is:

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel cannot access the file '\temp\6A90EA30'.
There are several possible reasons:
" The file name or path does not exist. "
" The file is being used by another program. "
" The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook"
I know that when you invoke the SaveAs that it creates a temp file and places the converted file (XLSX) in that file and when all is done, it renames it to the final name.
I am thinking that there are 2 calls to this SaveAs() that is creating the same filename and causing this error.
My question is that does anyone know how Excel creates these temp filenames? Is the name based on some time? Does the temp filename above (6A90EA30) have any meaning?
Thank you for any insight on this.
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