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What is the reason why excel does not have a native function that returns the data of the ActiveCell object, without having to resort to macros, VBAs or add-ins?

Something like:



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Try this formula:

@Jan Karel Pieterse

Thank you for your reply. Your example will return the address of the same cell where the formula is inserted. The desired functionality is that it returns any data from the ActiveCell object (such as the address attribute, or value1), and where the current cell is the one I am editing on or the excel edit cursor is positioned. Notice the "Name Quadro" functionality under the Menu Ribbon. I can get that functionality with VBA but that is precisely what I want to avoid, and hence my query, as to why Excel does not include a native or built-in function of those characteristics.

@SergioVenegas That is incorrect. My formula returns the value of the active cell. The only snag is that Excel has to do a recalculation in order for that formula to be up to date. Selecting different cells does not trigger a calculation I'm afraid. But as soon as you change something that requires Excel to calculate, my formula updates.