Activate Office Dictation even for Excel texts

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I use Excel preferably more than Word for note: easier to put screen shots where I want (infinite 'page' size), use multiple sheets to structure my notes.

I use a lot & Love Word 365 Dictation, why can't / how can I use Office 365 Dictation even for text in Excel?

Note that the Dictate feature of Win10 is much worse, has no grammar correction, gets a lot of misspelled words, not as good.


Please make it available in Excel too.


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Hi @DavideAvq,


This is a great idea to add to Microsoft Excel User Voice, however you can use the speech recognition feature available in windows to enter/delete the data, activate the speech recognition speak the numbers/text you wish to enter and once done click on insert.


This link might be helpful for you


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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Hallo @DavideAvq, maybe you should try Speech4Excel. With this app you can enter data into an Excel spreadsheet, but it is not directly available in Excel.
There is a limited version in the app store so you can try it out. But they also offer a feature rich professional version.
It works pretty well for my use case. Here is the link to the pro version: and here to the free one
I hope this is helpful for you. But of ourse it would be better if MS enables speech recognition in Excel.