"noframemerging" in Edge is not supported

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Edge doesn’t support “noframemerging” feature. We have an application with use cases that require having multiple login sessions open at the same time. These sessions are merging when opened in different InPrivate Edge windows, as cookies are shared among all open InPrivate windows. With Edge’s multiple profiles feature, this issue is mitigated but not entirely for some of our use cases. Is there a plan to bring back the support of “noframemerging” or anything to that effect in future versions of Edge?  Also, in case it matters, our application needs to run in IE mode in Edge so any alternate feature would need to work for this case as well.

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Thanks for the update @Kelly_Y. We'll give it a go

Hi @Kelly_Y ,


With the end of IE's life in a few months, why don't we have this feature with Edge? Are there any plans to have this same functionality with Edge?


Thank you for your reply !

@Matie7 Hello! IE mode on Microsoft Edge supports nomerge starting from Microsoft Edge version 93.  


Please see the FAQ for instructions: 






Hi @Kelly_Y,
I know it but I would like to use noframemerging with Edge and not IE mode in Edge because I need to have Edge Viewer. When is it planned ?
Thank you for your reply.

@Matie7 Hi!  Just to confirm, have you tried the 2 recommended alternatives in the article?  (Profiles or command line)  Would either work for your scenario?  If not, would you be able to provide more information about your specific case?  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Same here - our software is no longer supported in IE - which includes IE mode in Edge, so we need nomerge for pure, 100% Edge sites.

Hi @Kelly_Y Yes, we have tested the two proposed scenarios but it is not usable for our environment. We need to update a web application that is no longer compatible with IE and does not support multisession. The only possible solution for us is to have the possibility to call Edge with noframemerging.

Hi @Kelly_Y,

No-merge seems to be described as exactly the functionality I need. But either the functionality is not working as I expect or I do not have it configured it correctly.

Our need:
We have a legacy site that uses Active X that we must now run in MS Edge using IE mode.
We must also support multiple sessions running from the same machine.

Our configuration:
Version 99.0.1150.55 (Official build) (64-bit)
In edge://settings/defaultBrowser
Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode is set to: Allow
In Internet Explorer mode pages the local site is added: http:localhost/jj/

In edge://compat/sitelistmanager
An entry is added for the same site
Open in: IE Mode
Allow Redirect: Yes
Merge Type: No Merge
Compat Mode: Default Mode

We are running a web application on http:localhost/jj/

We have a script that opens MS Edge with the following command
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --new-window http://localhost/jj/

We will use this script to launch multiple (say 5 instances) of the same application.

They all launch fine, in their own window, which is correct. They load in IE mode which is also correct.

However they all share the same session. If we login to the application on one window, all 5 windows will inherit the same login information. We need the ability to run multiple instances at the same time, all with different login credentials.

This seems to be exactly what no-merge should be doing, but I cannot get it work correctly.

Can you point to more detailed configuration information?
Is there a way to tell on the Internet Explorer diagnostic information page if no-merge is enabled?

Is there a way to enable no-merge via the command line?

Thank you for the support.
Patrick Hanson



An update to my post.   The no merge functionality does seem to be working correctly. :)


A couple of notes to someone trying to configure this that were not apparent to me from the outset.


You have to first configure IE integration and the Enterprise Site list via group policies.  You have to install a template to make the appropriate group policies visible / configurable

Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs

MS Edge has a tool for editing the Enterprise Site List.  



I mistakenly thought this tool was editing MS Edge settings directly, but it is not.  It is  tool for creating a list.



I'm not an expert on group policies so I hope my comments are correct and help someone.






We have run into a use case that doesn't work with the "no-merge" option.

- My sites.xml is configured as below:
<site url="xyz.com">
<open-in merge-type="no-merge">IE11</open-in>
- I've the site https://server1.xyz.com/app open in Edge in IE Mode. I'm in an active session as I am logging in to it.
- An external application opens https://server1.xyz.com/app/page1 in Edge in a new window with the --new-window switch.
Actual behavior: https://server1.xyz.com/app/page1 does NOT merge with the existing server1.xyz.com/app session. Instead, /apge1 opens in a new session and hence, I'm redirected to the login page i.e https://server1.xyz.com/app/login.
Expected behavior: We need https://server1.xyz.com/app/page1 to merge with the existing server1.xyz.com/app session. The /page1 should open as part of that existing session.

Updating the sites.xml as below did NOT resolve this item.
<site url="xyz.com/app">
<open-in merge-type="no-merge">IE11</open-in>
<site url="xyz.com/app/page1">

Are there any options to make this use case work as per our expectation? Although most workflows require session isolation that works with the "no-merge" option, we do have this one use case which is different.


@Darshini_Patel Hi!  Since you are running into an issue with the specific scenario you mentioned, I think it would be best to either contact App Assure at https://aka.ms/AppAssure or Support

https://microsoftedgesupport.microsoft.com/hc/en-us.  Using either of these options, they should be able to gather your information and help investigate your specific case.  Thanks!



Will do - thanks!