Microsoft Edge ver 87.0.664.52 cannot open

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After update to ver 87.0.664.52, it cannot open any more. How to fix it?

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I have the same issuse

The same here. It is due to TrendMicro's behavior scan (Office scan).
I'm on Windows 10 20H2 and using Windows security (aka Windows defender). Edge works and opens fine. which OS are you on?

@MichaW2000 You're right.  It is due to TrendMicro's behavior scan (Office scan). I temporarily turn of Edge update. How's the next

Same here!

87.0664.52 and Trendmicro Officescan with latest Patches


same ...


the officeScan ... 

same issue here. if u stop officescan agent and turn it on again, it works well, but officescan agent says it has to do an update. if u do the update, u can not start edge again.

We added 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe' to the trusted programms in officescan. Now it works with updated officescan agent.


We have also joined...but nothing happens, do you have a reboot

@45PM91 Thank you for your solution. Is there any security issue when adding Ms Edge to the trusted programms in Officescan? It is an internet browser

Of course there is no security problem by adding Edge to trusted programs. it's not just any Internet browser, it's the official Microsoft browser.
Have you tried a Better AV solution such as Kaspersky? this is most likely a false positive problem coming from TrendMicro, because that is what you all have in common. I'm not seeing other AV vendors identifying Edge as "untrusted".

Same problem here.


And of course setting an internet browser as a trusted program and thus disabling behavioral monitoring on it is a security problem.

I hope, TrendMicro is releasing a new pattern soon, which fixes this false positive.


@MGubitzer Is it TrendMicro's or Edge's problem? It only affects version 87.0.664.52, the previous version works.


@MichaW2000 wrote:

@MGubitzer Is it TrendMicro's or Edge's problem? It only affects version 87.0.664.52, the previous version works.

Is any other AV solutions detected Edge updater as problematic? if the answer is yes then probably Edge's problem, if the answer is no then it's Trendmicro only.


try other AV solutions, Windows Defender or Kaspersky free version (or trial of internet security), it's much better than Trendmicro. it was the first AV to detect Stuxnet.

reboot your PC and again please


Opened a case with TrendMicro. Let's see if they can confirm the overblocking. I think this is a TrendMicro problem since no other AV-solution seems to have been reported with this problem.

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Ok, this was a quick one:

"Thank you for contacting Trend Micro... This is a known issue and our development team are working on a fix as BM is indeed blocking it - you can try and add the following exclusion "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe".
A fix for this issue will be released."


There is also a KB Article on the JP site from Trend Micro:


This article says the same like the answer from @MGubitzer  support ticket.


@benmough That won't work...