Issue in showing site information in the Immersive Reader

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The site information in Immersive Reader in the latest versions of Microsoft Edge stable and Insider channels shows that "Your connection to this site isn't secure" which means that if a user sees this, then the user will be thinking that viewing that site in Immersive reader would be insecure, after seeing it multiple times on different websites viewed in Immersive reader, a user might take a thought that using Immersive reader would be insecure and would not use that feature at all, this is misleading. I had sent several feedbacks about this for months, but I got no response and this issue is still not yet resolved. I am requesting to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Screenshot depicting the issue was taken from Microsoft Edge Canary version 84.0.520.0Screenshot depicting the issue was taken from Microsoft Edge Canary version 84.0.520.0


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Thank you for bring this up and providing feedback.

We have this in our backlog and will address very soon.


Please keep posting your suggestion on Immersive Reader, happy to understand and address them!

We have addressed this feedback!
You can experience the update in the latest canary. This will rollout to other channels in the upcoming weeks.



Thank you for support. Please continue to use Edge and share feedback.

@amitkun Thank you for making this change. Reported it back a couple of times and happy to see this being implemented. ^_^


Thank you for addressing it. I appreciate how you people also update the conversation when the issue is resolved so we know to get it from here as well. Keep it up :smile: