Query real-time client data with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1805

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We are excited to let you know that update 1805 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager has been released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available.


Have you ever wanted to take real-time action to quickly respond to an event or discover a wide variety of information about your devices and hunt for anomalies? CMPivot is a new in-console utility that provides access to such real-time state of devices in your environment. It has the ability to immediately run a wide variety of queries on all currently connected devices in the target collection and return the results. You are then able to act upon those results. For example, in the scenario of mitigating speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities, one of the requirements is to update the system BIOS for your devices. You can use CMPivot to quickly query on system BIOS information and find clients that are not in compliance. You can then switch to Run Scripts to quickly remediate them with a scripted solution.




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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