All Windows Server OS(Mostly 2019) DP's not upgrading to 2207

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FYI... This issue is happening again since last week and this time it is not just server DP's but Windows 10 DP's also. It is not a result of MECM server upgrade maybe Feb patches got installed on the primary server but very few DP's are fine. 


Last friday i upgraded CM from 2203 to 2207 version. I saw no error after the upgrade. I have a bunch of Win 10 computers as DP's and those DP's got upgraded to new version(5.00.9088.1000) but all the Windows Server OS DP's failed to upgrade.


Site server is an admin on all the DP's and nothing has changed. 

Here is a screenshot of distmgr.log error. vcredist_x64.exe is already installed on all the server DP's last year probably with 223 upgrade.

I do not see any errors in the firewall or antivirus software.


Not sure what could be the issue. 


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Did you try the solution listed within the error message?

Error 8 = Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.
I tried increasing IRPStackSize and ran sfc /scannow and couple other things nothing seems to work. This issue is happening on 13 DP's and they are all VM's with Windows Server 2019 OS on them.


We are seeing the same issue after updating from 2103 to 2207. Any luck finding a root cause? 

@DunnIT Under Site System properties if you select the option Use another account for installing this site system with a domain administrator account then it works. This is the workaround that i am using for now. I attached a screenshot. I am curious to know if this works for you. 

I have a case open with Microsoft (vendor Mindtree from India) from past 2 weeks and no resolution yet and i have no hopes for a resolution. I think this could be a simple silly mistake somewhere we might have done but not sure what it is.

@chandrabusa Thanks for that tip! I just tested on one of the impacted DPs and confirmed using a domain admin allowed the upgrade to proceed successfully. I also have a case open with Microsoft, hopefully that workaround is a clue for what is happening here.
We do not have premium support for me to escalate. Please let me know if you get a resolution first.

@chandrabusa also having the same issue here and same for the call with ms (1 week).

Nothing new either. Workaround seem to work also but I do expect a better solution because once you install a role using an account, all communications are done using that account and removing and then adding the dp role is also removing the package so we have to push them again.

I do hope to have a fix, there seem to be a lot of people with the same issue.

Hopefully we will get some resolution soon.

@chandrabusa We had a chat with the support this morning and it is now an official bug that is present with version 2203 and 2207.

The fix should be in the next hotfix that we have no date yet.

Also, we just tried a thing in our environment, and it seem to work, and it is also quite pretty :)

We went to the site system role of one server that is a DP and we changed the site system installation account to a user account (mine for instance) which have admin rights on that server.

The result was that the DP role just got reinstalled the right way and when the role was installed, we changed back the account to use the site server's computer account (the default option).

The DP seem to behave like intended.


All the credit to my colleague that saw that option :)


I tried what you suggested, and it works fine. Thank you.