DPOR and PAL not correctly tracking, not getting anywhere with partner support

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We have many deployments for Power Automate and the greater Power Platform with our clients. We guide organizations of all sizes from sole proprietorships through fortune 500s through their automation journeys. We always try to have the deployments linked via DPOR or PAL as well as have created proofs of execution / engagement documents. 


Under our business applications solutions partner status, it shows our deployments and usage growth at 0 on both. 


Some of these deployments are quite large, so it can't be that all of them don't qualify. 


Our other linkages such as data&AI, infrastructure and digital &app innovation seem to work perfectly. 


Does anyone have any suggestions to why this is? 


We have been having this issue for over a year, with no useful answers from partner support and it is significantly impacting us. Microsoft sellers are also trying to get partner support to help us but it's going nowhere. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi @rozone 


Things to consider:


  • In the case of a renewal of an EA agreement where a new agreement number is created, then a new subscription ID will also be created. In such cases the DPOR on the old subscription will not be transposed to the new subscription, so the global admin of the new subscription will need to add a DPOR (be-it the former DPOR or a net new partner).
  • Are you linked? As you know, in order to get credit for the services, you can associate your partner network ID with the Azure credential used for service delivery that's in your customers’ production environments using the Partner Admin Link (PAL). Link a partner ID to your Power Platform and Dynamics Customer Insights accounts with your Azure cre...
  • Have you checked to see if you've missed any DPOR change notifications?



If you've confirmed that the basic details on the link(s) above is correct, my suggestion is that you contact askpi@microsoft.com.


I realize that your question is about DPOR & PAL, however, for specific partner incentives issues, please contact one of our region-based support teams

o North America: ocina@microsoft.com

o EMEA: ociemea@microsoft.com

o LATAM ocilatam@microsoft.com

o Asia Pacific and Greater China ociapgc@microsoft.com



If this (or someone else's) reply answers your question, please Accept as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly. Otherwise, please let me know if you need further assistance on this topic.


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Thanks for the response!

Still struggling with this one. Seems that revenue is tracking but usage is not. We linked ALL users who deployed bots across all our clients with PAL but still no luck

Do you know if there is anything extra we can do to show usage? we more than qualify and we have been stuck for over a year. This is severely impacting our business

Unfortunately, I cannot provide tech support, therefore, my previous reply is the information that I have.


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OK, thanks, appreciate you trying!

Hopefully someone else who had this issue can help me know how they navigated it.
Only that we too have had similar issues specifically with the Business Applications partner designation metrics.
Support requests via Partner Centre open more than 1 year.
All I know after many hours of providing evidence the metrics are wrong is that Microsoft acknowledge there is an issue and are working on it.
No updates for some time and our figures are still wrong, but the support request has not been closed yet.