Azure Virtual Desktop Random Client Disconnects

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Is anyone experiencing random client disconnects in Azure Virtual desktop.


We have a deployment in UK South where clients frequently randomly disconnect for no apparent reason and we are certain is is not a local internet issue.


Microsoft support has not been helpful at all so far

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Is your session host having Accelerated Networking ON or OFF?

No accelerated networking is switched OFF on all session hosts.
Hi - We are in the same boat in India region, experimenting with Accelerated Networking ON and OFF, Majority of the users getting ConnectionBrokenMissedHeartbeatThresholdExceeded error.
This is the error we have: ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)
We get the same error ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259) as main error, but if you see the details of trace then you will find ConnectionBrokenMissedHeartbeatThresholdExceeded in details.
Just wanted to check if you have been getting this error lately (since about a week to 10 days).
We're experiencing the same issue in Central Canada as well randomly for some of our customers. Our error is also ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259). Also have a ticket open with Microsoft but have gotten no where with this. This is occurring daily for some of our customers randomly throughout their environments. Has anyone gotten anywhere with this?
We're seeing the same issue in West-Europe, and MS Support are not very helpful. We have around 3000 users spread across around 300 locations and when we see these disconnects they normally impact 70-80% of the users at approximately the same time. I would say that the odds of this being av local networking issue are pretty slim.
We same the same problem by several customers. Random users are disconnect without any reason. When this happens, event id 40 with reason code 0 appears in de eventlog.
It is happing with users with sessions from internet, but also users with a rdp shortpath connection.

We've been pushing our customers to patch their devices and update to the latest Remote Desktop Client and it seems the disconnects have been rare to non existent since the updates have been applied. Not sure if anything has changed on the AVD side or if the client side updates have made the difference in our case.

Having the same issue with a UK South AVD with circa 150 Users and 8 Session Hosts. Some users just get constantly disconnected we have checked and no local internet Issue. We have been suggesting to affaected users to use the "WebClient" not the Installable AVD Client and this is much more stable.


@Richard Swainston 


Reason Web Client might be more stable is it uses TCP, the full client will use a combination of TCP/UDP.

What you can try is to turn UDP listener off on the session host and see if it any better.

UDP Shortpath will find the closest router to the session host from the client, it may be going over an Internal VPN where there may be issues with Bandwidth or the internal router isn't geared up for the traffic. We had to turn UDP off for one of our clients. However UDP for the majority of our clients have seen RTT improve.

Web Client does not at this moment in time support UDP, which is why you get different reactions.



Thanks for the advice above!.

@KevHal which version of remote desktop client are your users seeing the repeated disconnects with?  1.2.4065.0?  we have a user seeing this after updating and suspect it's related to upd for him too - he fell back to an older version of remote desktop app and doesn't have the issue.  Checking with Microsoft.  

@shaaric we have the same issue, also with the Remote Desktop Client 1.2.4065.0.

@Yooakim opened a support ticket with Microsoft and they said they have had other reports of issues with this version too and are working to resolve.  They are to update me when fixed, so will try and update here too if it is helpful to others. 



From Microsoft: " The latest version has some issues in certain situations and is currently under investigation as it has been reported recently, we’re not yet sure if this is happening due to the client itself or another AVD component"

no update from MS support on the resolution, but see they added 1.2.4066.0 - we are testing with users who have had issues now

Our reports show that 1.2.4066 with session hosts using private ShortPath are still experiencing disconnections from the US West datacenter.


We experienced the unusual disconnect code on a few of our tenants starting in Feb.


The disconnection problems have gotten MUCH worse and the ticket we have open with Microsoft has completely stalled still pending the engineering team to give any guidance.


They point to ShortPath but haven't recommended disabling it yet, so we're going to do that tonight. Really frustrating as they want us to upgrade to the Insider version or downgrade to 1.2.3918 which would be a nightmare across all of our tenants, especially considering that they don't have a firm grasp on the problem.