Remote App - Connection syncing

Remote App - Connection syncing



 Oct 26 2021
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Hey All, 


Just want to start by saying that I love the Microsoft RDP Application, however there is something that i would greatly appreciate being included. The ability to sync connections to an office 365 account or save connections to iCloud. 


I work in an environment where I’m frequently changing my device or running Beta software requiring me to wipe my device, as a result i need to reset up all my RDP connections and re-enter all of my accounts into RDP every time this occurs. The ability to log into my O365 Work email and for it to back up all the connections so that I don’t need to re-enter them all the every time. This will be greatly helpful for users that utilise multiple device as when you add the connection to one of the devices it will sync back to your O365 account and add on all your other devices as well. 


Kindest regards, 



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This is a good idea. I have made a similar suggestion recently, amongst a few others. However, I don't see MS setting up synchronisation through iCloud (being a direct competitor) or even their own MS365 work email services (inappropriate technology use). However, they could look at having the location of the settings files moved to OneDrive, to allow synchronisation, across devices. Having a common xml based format for these settings files, that would work happily between their Windows and macOS versions of Remote Desktop, would be the cherry on the cake!


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