SQL Server Discovery and Assessments now supports As on-premises assessments
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Want a quick assessment for the SQL instances discovered by Azure Migrate appliance but do not want to wait for a detailed performance profile? The newly introduced As on-premises sizing criteria in SQL assessment enables just that. This uses the source instance configuration to generate target SKU recommendations.

Want the improved return on investment of a right-sized assessment also? Once you determine that the discovery has been running successfully for a sufficiently long duration to get a good performance profile, create a Performance-based assessment. This will use the performance data to generate recommendations that are based on the actual usage of resources by the source instance.


What is new?


  1. SQL Assessments in Azure Migrate now supports the As on-premises sizing criteria. This is useful in situations where capturing a full performance profile is difficult due to transient nature of the workload (such as month-end or year-end processing) or access/permission issues.
  2. The Performance-based sizing criteria falls back to As on-premises in the event performance data is not available due to discovery issues. This enables more reliable recommendations.


Why two types of sizing criteria?

You can now have the best of both:

  1. As on-premises: A reliable and quick assessment that leverages the provisioning decisions already taken for the source instance.
  2. Performance-based: An optimized assessment that tailors the recommendation to the actual resource usage by the source instance. This will improve capacity utilization in the cloud and hence your Return on Investment (ROI). In the event performance data is not available, it falls back to the As on-premises to ensure reliable assessments.


How to run an As on-premises assessment?

  1. In the azure migrate portal, click on Servers, databases and web apps to reach the project landing page.
  2. Under Assess, choose to create an Azure SQL assessment
  3. In the Basics section, click Edit beside the Assessment settings
  4. Under Assessment criteria change the Sizing criteria to As on-premises.
  5. Make any other changes you desire and click Save to go back to the assessment creation flow.
  6. Follow the usual steps to create an assessment.


How to review the As on-premises assessment?

The assessment report is the same familiar report. Follow the same steps that you are already familiar with to review the assessment.


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