Accelerating Azure’s edge capabilities through collaborative partnerships


Today, we announced the new category of Premier Solutions for Azure Stack HCI.  These turnkey solutions are designed to accelerate the deployment of Azure Stack HCI and greatly reduce the dock to rack timing to install the necessary infrastructure for your operational transformation.  As of today, the Azure Stack HCI catalog features this premier solution category with the new Dell Apex Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure. Premier Solutions for Azure Stack HCI offer significant deployment and management time reduction to set up entire fleets of systems. Additionally, these turnkey solutions offer:

  • Deepest integration and highest level of automation, built through deep engineering collaboration between Microsoft and solution partners.
  • Continuous testing by Microsoft and our partners, to ensure higher reliability and minimal downtime.
  • End-to-end deployment workflows that make it easy to deploy one cluster or a thousand clusters.


Read today’s announcement in the Azure Blog

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I've managed to destroy my poor laptop twice and have tried all the browsers in the world in order to plot through the portal....