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We are certainly living in uncharted times. The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt around the world as individuals, families, and businesses are adjusting to their new normal. There is so much uncertainty in these challenging times: most notably when and if life can return close to the way we knew it. What we’re navigating today is really challenging our ability to be agile, creative, and resilient in our professional and personal lives.


I am so proud of how Microsoft has responded to help the global communities we are part of and serve: making a version of Teams and Office 365 widely available for free to educational institutions and leveraging our supply chains to provide supplies for medical staff and deliver meals to those in need.


Our partner community makes me equally proud, as so many quickly adjusted to address the new challenges placed upon us. We are seeing such incredible transformation from long-standing partners, while also witnessing the rapid creation of new organizations and innovation designed to help our global citizens. I am inspired by all the creativity, tenacity, and community service our partners are demonstrating to help businesses and individuals navigate today’s realities.


To make sure our customers can easily discover solutions that can help them address challenges faced by this pandemic, we have dedicated our Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource featured spots to COVID-19 related offers. Below are some solutions we’re showcasing today, with more to come. We’ve also compiled a running list of promotions and discounts provided by partners intended to help others. These offers might not be directly COVID-19 related, but we hope they can help support businesses in need during this difficult time.

What we highlight below is just the beginning. As our partners continue to innovate and deliver solutions that help, we will continue to update our commercial marketplace homepages. Stayed tuned for the latest offers.




Artisight.png COVID-19 ICU Expansion

This intelligent camera system from Artisight Inc. (doing business as Whiteboard Coordinator Inc.) increases critical care capacity and reduces worker exposure to COVID-19. In the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals face unprecedented capacity issues that threaten to undermine healthcare delivery for all patients. Further, the expansion of bed capacity into traditionally non-clinical areas like office space and field hospitals makes standard isolation precautions, such as negative-pressure rooms, nearly impossible. There is an urgent need to enhance capacity and protect front-line healthcare workers with a cost-effective and scalable remote patient monitoring system.

eCare Inc.png eCare21 Virtual Care Platform

eCare21 is an end-to-end solution for virtual care that creates a seamless workflow for delivering healthcare in the home to improve patient outcomes. eCare21 also helps physicians engage additional revenue by creating the clinical documentation required by healthcare reimbursement policy.

ElectrifAI.png ElectrifAi's PulmoAi PulmoAi dramatically increases radiologist efficiency and improves radiological outcomes by aiding in the interpretation of pulmonary exams, using practical AI, machine learning, and novel image processing techniques developed specifically for the analysis of CT scans.
Innovaccer.png Innovaccer's Data Activation Platform Innovaccer Inc. is a leading healthcare data activation company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. Innovaccer's aim is to make full use of all the data healthcare has worked so hard to collect by righting the wrongs of healthcare technology, doing away with long-standing problems and replacing them with ideal solutions. With over 200+ pre-built connectors to widely used healthcare data systems, Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform enables users to aggregate, analyze, and activate their healthcare data. The platform allows healthcare organizations to bring all their data together in one place and project where they can be based on their performance with deep analytics.
Juvare.png Juvare's WebEOC WebEOC is a crisis and incident management solution that supports emergency preparedness, intelligent response, and business resiliency. Organizations of all sizes use WebEOC's uniquely customizable set of utilities for complete situational awareness in support of their daily operations and emergency management needs. Emergency management personnel, public safety staff, business continuity managers, and volunteers can access WebEOC from nearly any device to view a common operating picture featuring straightforward information delivered in real time
KenSci.png KenSci Mobile Command Center KenSci's Mobile Command Center provides a real-time view into hospital operations around bed management, capacity planning, supply utilization, and other metrics that are critical to safe and effective patient flow during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help health systems onboard quickly and use the features of this platform, the offering can be purchased against the existing enterprise agreement, at no cost for the first month.
Lunit INGISHT.png Lunit INSIGHT for Chest Radiography Lunit INSIGHT for CXR detects, localizes, and characterizes abnormalities for chest X-rays. Lunit INSIGHT for Chest Radiography is intended to aid in the detection, localization, and characterization of lung nodule/mass, consolidation, and pneumothorax for PA images with an accuracy level of 97 percent to 99 percent. The AI solution generates location information of detected lesions in the form of heat maps and abnormality scores reflecting the probability that the detected lesion is abnormal.
Mazik 2.png MazikCare's COVID-19 Screening The MazikCare COVID-19 Screening Power App converts the CDC’s paper diagnostic case report form into an easy-to-use Microsoft Power App to reduce paperwork and data entry, and speed up and centralize data collection. It is also integrated with EMR solutions like Epic & Cerner. For patients who use MazikCare's COVID-19 Symptom Checker or COVID-19 Patient App, historical symptom data can be shared to the Screening Power App via QR code. This app is currently available without charge to healthcare organizations.
o9 Solutions.png o9 Solutions o9 Solutions will provide consulting services specific to COVID-19, including:
1. Providing an ideation session with clients on learnings, specific challenges, and practical applications.
2. Collectively brainstorming practical ideas with clients to incorporate into planning processes and systems.
3. Identifying key use cases and scope to generate immediate impact.
4. Implementing recommendations.
SparkBeyond Ideation AI.png SparkBeyond Ideation AI In times of uncertainty, communities need an explainable, granular, and dynamic view of risk. SparkBeyond's hypothesis engine has successfully produced a dynamic heat map at the resolution of individual buildings, predicting places where a COVID-19 patient is likely to pass. This solution informs individuals on places to avoid visiting; companies on how to manage risk; and governments on deployment of resources for disinfection and law enforcement.
SyTrue.png SyTrue's SyHealth SyHealth will allow you to view and analyze what is really happening in and across your patient populations. Medical records deep in context describe what has transpired during a patient encounter and are represented by descriptive, unstructured medical terminologies, versus standardized code sets that may have been billed or not, correctly or incorrectly. SyHealth sheds light on the context of the patient encounter, identifying the assessment, family history, signs and symptoms, medications — you know, what actually took place during the encounter, versus what was billed.
Teladoc Health.png Teladoc Health Teladoc Health's Software-as-a-Service remote-care solution enables hospitals and health systems to confidentially address patient and physician demand, expand clinical care and capabilities, reduce expenses, and increase market share.
Vicenna.png Vicenna HealthCloud Vicenna HealthCloud is a patient-centric hospital management and electronic health record solution that improves the provisioning of healthcare and the business efficiency of hospitals. Covering administrative, financial, and clinical requirements, Vicenna HealthCloud manages the interaction from the moment the patient enters the facility. It's there through the medical encounter, the inpatient and outpatient care, and the ongoing care management.
WinWire.png WinWire's COVID-19 Healthcare BOT WinWire’s Healthcare BOT leverages an AI-based chatbot to answer questions about COVID-19 through a natural conversation experience. The BOT uses automated software programming with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide accurate and updated information.




Adobe Sign for Teams.png Adobe Sign for Teams Adobe and Microsoft have created an offer around Adobe Sign + Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Azure to help organizations prioritize safety and maintain business continuity during this time. Adobe Sign allows companies to adhere to no-contact measures through secure e-signatures, and Microsoft Teams enables seamless collaboration, boosting work-from-home productivity for organizations — both contributing to business continuity.
F5 Networks.png F5 Big-IP Virtual Edition F5's COVID-19 efforts include free licenses and software usage for nonprofits, healthcare providers, and education providers via Azure Marketplace private offers.
Parsable.png Parsable Effective immediately, Parsable is offering a series of COVID-19-specific EHS standard operating procedures and analytics dashboards at no cost to customers. They are available for all employees and facilities across a company, are not restricted to existing Parsable license limitations, and can be deployed across teams and sites today. Parsable will provide remote training and support to ensure successful implementation and adoption.
Rescale.png Rescale Inc.'s ScaleX, part of the Tech Against COVID alliance Rescale Inc., Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure announced a program on March 19, 2020, that offers high-performance computing resources (HPC) at no cost to teams working to develop test kits and vaccines for COVID-19. Researchers can rapidly run simulations in the cloud without setup time or IT teams by using Rescale's turnkey platform combined with cloud computing resources from Microsoft Azure. This multi-vendor alliance has already received over 100 submissions from scientists around the world trying to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.
UiPath Cloud Platform.png UiPath Cloud Platform UiPath created a health-screening robot to help companies with regular health checks that are less tedious. Through software, the robot sends and collects questionnaires that can be utilized by human resources staff.
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