Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 69

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 25 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AVEVA IoT Edge HMI.png

AVEVA IoT Edge HMI: AVEVA IoT Edge HMI lets you host a full-featured human-machine interface (HMI) application within an Azure IoT Edge device and remotely manage machines around the world. The solution is designed for embedded and OEM applications, where a small footprint and cost-effectiveness are paramount.


CFKeeper: CFKeeper helps minimize risks for organizations using Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. Particularly effective for telework scenarios, the solution suppresses unauthorized file withdrawal from sync folders and cached data. This solution is available only in Japanese.

Cloud Backup for Office 365.png

Cloud Backup for Office 365: Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides automated encrypted backup with on-demand restore. Recover in place or to another cloud location, or a local drive, for anytime access while maintaining metadata, workflow state, and permissions.

Cloudera on Azure.png

Cloudera on Azure: Cloudera Enterprise is a fast, easy, and secure platform for big data analytics and data science. This solution includes a 60-day Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition trial license.

CoreView - SaaS Management Platform.png

CoreView - SaaS Management Platform: CoreView is a Software-as-a-Service management platform that extends administrator capabilities for Office 365 and other SaaS applications. The solution helps enterprise organizations avoid security risks, reduce operating costs, and improve productivity.


daenet_IoT_Service: daenet IoT Service is an open IoT platform that enables organizations to quickly implement IoT business scenarios from inception to production, regardless of industry. The solution is based on Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service, which keeps development and operating costs down. This application is available only in German.

Diagramics Visual Server.png

Diagramics Visual Server: Diagramics Visual Server is server-side dynamic graphics composition and rendering software that runs on Windows Server virtual machines in the cloud or on-premises. The solution is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty data visualization scenarios required by high-traffic web or native applications.

Digital Contracting SDK by Signzy.png

Digital Contracting SDK by Signzy: Signzy’s digital contracting software development kit supports financial services and banking organizations that execute a variety of contracts, including vendor agreements, partnerships, and insurance policies. The solution uses AI technology and security layers to execute digital contracts, and it offers customizable APIs.

Efferent eVue.png

Efferent eVue: eVUE is a hybrid cloud medical imaging management system for medical practices, clinics, imaging centers, and hospitals. Image files are kept in redundant repositories in Microsoft Azure for access by credentialed users. The solution includes a local network appliance that acquires images from medical imaging devices.

ESGeo Sustainability Intelligence.png

ESGeo Sustainability Intelligence: Designed to help organizations evaluate environmental, social, and governance-related risks and opportunities, ESGeo makes it easy for groups to integrate ESG factors into the value chain. Streamline your sustainability reporting process through transparent disclosure.

FogHorn Edge Device Manager.png

FogHorn Edge Device Manager: The FogHorn application platform helps developers in the industrial and commercial industry mobilize apps from the cloud to the edge so that organizations can scale end-to-end IoT solutions more quickly. It also supports real-time stream analytics at the edge, which can be used for short-term prediction.


Humanage: Humanage is a platform for HR departments to manage the documentation generated throughout the HR relationship. The solution is a self-service repository for viewing and signing work documents. This product is available only in Spanish.

iComplyKYC Essentials.png

iComplyKYC Essentials: iComplyKYC is anti-money laundering software made for financial service providers. The solution makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze know-your-customer data, as well as to improve risk management, onboard clients, automate workflows, and maintain a robust, global compliance program.

Ieso Digital Health.png

Ieso Digital Health: ieso Digital Health delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) over the internet, offering flexible scheduling and increased privacy. Online CBT is delivered securely through this online therapy platform.

Ispirer MnMTK for Oracle to Azure SQL Database Migration.png

Ispirer MnMTK for Oracle to Azure SQL Database Migration: Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit, formerly known as SQLWays, is designed for automated migration from Oracle Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. The solution oversees the entire conversion process and provides a high level of automation at all stages of migration.

Kindite's Encryption Platform.png

Kindite's Encryption Platform: Kindite’s platform makes sure encryption keys are never available to the cloud, creating a true zero-trust relationship with any infrastructure while maintaining full business continuity. This offering provides a free trial to encrypt and process sensitive data without decrypting it.

Optimize IT.png

Optimize IT: Optimize IT monitors an organization’s IT infrastructure consumption, both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution helps companies review current consumption and provides recommendations for reducing costs and properly budgeting each year. This application is available in Spanish.


ProcessUnity: ProcessUnity’s vendor risk management software protects corporate brands by reducing risk from third parties, vendors, and suppliers. Its tools help companies effectively and efficiently assess and monitor vendors, from initial onboarding to ongoing due diligence and monitoring.

Scibyl Intelligent Services for ecommerce.png

Scibyl Intelligent Services for ecommerce: Scibyl harnesses the power of AI and web analytics to create a platform for online retailers. The solution is an easy-to-install service that offers personalized recommendations, dynamic bundling, and personalized search options.

Sikur Messenger.png

Sikur Messenger: Sikur Messenger is an encrypted military-grade application with a unique authentication process to ensure secure communications. The cloud solution effectively delivers messaging, chat, voice and video calls, and document transfer while maintaining compliance with geographical information privacy regulations.


Smartix: Smartix is a digital distribution channel that addresses challenges in the insurance industry. It drives operational efficiency and allows companies to rapidly take new products to market and gain exposure in new territories.

U-Pay Card.png

U-Pay Card: The U-Pay Card platform allows access to financial products, promoting financial inclusion through physical prepaid cards, payment applications, financial control modules, anti-money laundering monitoring, and more. This product is available only in Spanish.

Y3 WMS Lite.png

Y3 WMS Lite: Y3 Warehouse Management System Lite aims to help small and medium-sized businesses optimize cost, efficiency, and supply chain profitability. The solution offers modules covering inventory management, reporting, advanced shipment notification, and more.

Consulting services

Windows Virtual Desktop - 4 Wk Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 4 Wk Implementation: This four-week pilot exercise from Foundation IT will present information about your organization's Windows Virtual Desktop use case and help attendees create a fully operational environment for users to test.

Work From Home using Tally on Azure- 3-Day Imp.png

Work From Home using Tally on Azure: 3-Day Imp: This three-day workshop from Cloud 9 Infosystems walks attendees through the process of migrating an on-premises Tally ERP accounting package to Microsoft Azure for secure remote access.

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