Azure Marketplace new offers – May 18, 2022

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 116 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Cigent Plus.png

Cigent Plus: A multi-tenant, hosted or on-prem SaaS platform, Cigent Plus offers enterprise-wide data security and protects your data no matter where you take it. The solution’s layered security capabilities and file encryption can prevent remote and physical attacks, including insider threat detection and verified data destruction.

CloudCheckr CMx for Multicloud Management.png CloudCheckr for Multicloud Management: With CloudCheckr you can manage Microsoft Azure and other public cloud environments using dashboards, reports, alerts and recommendations. Create predictability, drive cross-organizational alignment, and optimize cost with this agentless SaaS solution.


Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.3 Standard Edition-19.0.png

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.3 Standard Edition 19.0: This offer from Cloudwrxs provides a preconfigured image of Oracle 19.0.0 standard edition database on Oracle Linux 7.3. This solution includes Microsoft Azure command-line interface (CLI) for accessing services via cloud-native APIs such as Azure Blob Storage and Azure Site Recovery.

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.5 Standard Edition-19.0.png Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.5 Standard Edition 19.0: This offer from Cloudwrxs provides a preconfigured image of Oracle 19.0.0 standard edition database on Oracle Linux 7.5. You can quickly launch new database workloads or migrate from on-premises to Microsoft Azure using existing licenses.
Cloudwrxs - SAP - S_4HANA 2021.png

Cloudwrxs - SAP - S/4HANA 2021This offer from Cloudwrxs provides preconfigured images of SAP S/4HANA 2021, SAP NetWeaver Application Server as JAVA 7.5 SP21, and SAP Hana Database 2.0. They have all been optimized to run on Microsoft Azure.

Data443 Data Identification Manager.png

Data443 Data Identification Manager: Using a centralized dashboard, Data Identification Manager can automatically inventory, classify, and tag all data repositories while identifying potential high-risk assets – all through an agentless deployment and without business disruptions.

ESG Management Solution.png

ESG Management Solution: Adopt a robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data strategy and framework by consolidating your scattered data and KPIs into interactive dashboards and shareable reports. ESG Management Solution delivers transparency, accuracy, security, and compliance.

Evergent Monetization Platform.png

Evergent Monetization Platform: Evergent’s end-to-end agile monetization strategy enables CTV and OTT providers to acquire and retain new and existing customers by offering a seamless, reliable, and highly secure billing system and proven back-office efficiency. This solution is ideal for a subscription-based billing economy.

FlexProtect for Apps.png

FlexProtect for Apps: This simple, predictable, and cost-efficient subscription licensing offer from Imperva provides security solutions for how and when you need it. FlexProtect for Apps detects threats related to user and application activity and thwarts them, while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Imperva Data Security.png

Imperva Data Security: Imperva's data security solution delivers analytics, protection, and response across all your data assets, on-premises and in the cloud, while giving you the visibility and tools to prevent data breaches and avoid compliance incidents. Cut through mountains of data and elevate your security strategy.

Magister SimLab 3GPP NTN.png

Magister SimLab 3GPP NTN: Magister SimLab simulation service offers easy-to-use, vendor-independent access to a robust simulation workflow so you can design complex simulation campaigns. This reliable online simulation service can be used to create illustrative 3D visualizations and analytics for multiple use cases.

Microsoft 365 Management for Enterprises.png

CoreSuite for Microsoft 365 – Enterprise Efficiency: Boost operational excellence, maximize ROI, and mitigate risks for enterprise IT teams with CoreSuite for Microsoft 365. This solution from CoreView provides a unified view into tenant administration and management, usage and security monitoring, license provisioning, and more.


mogenius: This solution is an easy way for developers to run any application in the cloud. mogenius instantly deploys applications on Kubernetes with automated DevOps, hyperscaling infrastructure, built-in principles of CI/CD and CDN – all integrated into a single user interface.

Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04: Apps4Rent provides this preconfigured image containing Node.js installed on Ubuntu 18.04. Node.js is an open source, cross-platform, asynchronous event-driven JavaScript that uses a single thread for connection requests.

Node.js on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Node.js on Ubuntu 20.04: Support thousands of concurrent connections for network applications that demand high throughput for scaling with this image containing Node.js installed on Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine from Apps4Rent.

Novisto ESG Reporting & Data Management Software.png

Novisto ESG Reporting & Data Management Software: Novisto's end-to-end sustainability management platform enables organizations to use AI-driven insights to make informed decisions and create value from their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, data, and reporting. 

PostgreSQL 14.1 on EuroLinux 8.5.png

PostgreSQL 14.1 on EuroLinux 8.5: Optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, this EuroDB minimal image containing PostgreSQL 14.1 on EuroLinux 8.5 can support the most demanding applications. It allows quick database utilization as well as data migration of previous versions via triggerless logical replication.

PostgreSQL 14.1 with EuroDB modules on EuroLinux 8.5.png

PostgreSQL 14.1 with EuroDB Modules on EuroLinux 8.5: Lean, fast, and powerful, this EuroDB minimal image containing PostgreSQL 14.1 on EuroLinux 8.5 can support the most demanding applications.

It allows users to quickly utilize and migrate databases via triggerless logical replication. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), speech analysis, and ML algorithms, Rezo’s powerful AI engine automates up to 85 percent of customer queries across channels, resulting in up to 40 percent cost savings. Level up you customer engagement with Rezo and Microsoft Azure.

Roboflow Platform.png

Roboflow: End-to-End Computer Vision Platform: Simplify data collection, annotation, model training, and deployment with Roboflow's developer tools and APIs. This platform reduces time to deployment by providing pre-trained models or open-source platforms like TensorFlow, OpenAI, or PyTorch.


Senhub: Extend your IT monitoring and Microsoft Azure metrics without writing a single line of code. Senhub's automation tools, designed and maintained by IT Ops, are delivered via a simple API and enable seamless monitoring of all your cloud resources.

Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS: This offer from Canonical provides a premium image of Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS optimized for professional and production environments running on Microsoft Azure. It includes built-in security and compliance features available in a form that can be easily accessed by small and large-scale Linux enterprise operations.

Velocity Learning Management System.png

Velocity Learning Management System: Velocity Learning allows you to securely host, design and tailor your classroom virtually, in-person, or both. This classroom management solution, designed for scale and reliability, can be integrated into your existing curriculum and uses Microsoft Teams and other virtual platforms.


WorkplaceBuddy: WorkplaceBuddy offers a fun, personalized learning journey to motivate and inspire your employees to boost their digital skills. Delivered via a chatbot in Microsoft Teams, WorkplaceBuddy drives Microsoft 365 adoption and increases productivity.

Xacta 360 Lite For CMMC.png

Xacta 360 Lite for CMMC: This offering from Telos helps defense contractors protect the sensitive unclassified information in their custody. Automate the process of preparing for a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification assessment, manage requirements and compliance, and more.


Zen Cart: Niles Partners provides this preconfigured image of Zen Cart, an open-source e-commerce software solution, along with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) on Microsoft Azure.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI Center of Excellence- 6-Month Implementation.png

AI Center of Excellence: 6-Month Implementation: Crayon's senior architects will help you envision a center of excellence and then implement and manage specific use cases to innovate and build larger AI solutions in Microsoft Azure. Uncover the value of your business data with this managed service.

Avanade WUKEL.png

Avanade WUKEL: In this proof of concept, Avanade will help develop an AI model, WUKEL, so educators can assess how engaged their learners are based on quantifiable assessment of students’ facial expressions during class. The goal is to help teachers improve lesson plans and instruction methods.

Azure Arc for Kubernetes- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc for Kubernetes: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Devoteam will provide an end-to-end proof of concept of Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes servers, from onboarding to implementation of various Azure services. This service allows you to onboard any CN/CF compliant Kubernetes cluster, no matter where its located.

Azure Cognitive Services- 12-Week Rapid Prototyping Proof of Concept.png

Azure Cognitive Services: 12-Week Rapid Prototyping Proof of Concept: Through a series of workshops and workstreams, an agile team from Blueprint Technologies will help defense organizations quickly define, develop, and deliver a functional proof of concept using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

Azure Governance- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Governance: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Crayon will discuss the value of optimizing your cloud spend and help develop a customized Azure Governance concept so you can have complete visibility and control of your environment without escalating cost and security concerns.

Azure Kubernetes Service- 5-Day Implementation.png

Azure Kubernetes Service: 5-Day Implementation: Alpha Data will determine your company's migration needs and then modernize your applications through containerization and transfer to Azure Kubernetes Service, along with expert assistance in building a CI-CD pipeline, documentation, and a guided knowledge transfer.

Azure Stack HCI- 2-Day Architecture Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 2-Day Architecture Workshop: The goal of this workshop from BaseIT is to answer your questions about Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, consider use cases specific to your organization, and provide high-level design configurations, so you can recognize the benefits of the solution.

Azure Stack HCI- 3-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 3-Hour Workshop: Crayon's workshop will show you how to operate your hybrid cloud seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI including Azure Arc enablement. Deliverables include a summary of use cases with specific focus on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure.

Azure Stack HCI- 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Stack HCI: 6-Week Implementation: In this offer, Crayon will design, deploy, size, and manage your Microsoft Azure Stack HCI implementation using best practices and tested methodology. This service will modernize your datacenter, simplify operations, and improve performance and scalability.

Azure Virtual Desktop FastTrack- 2-Week Design & Implementation.png

Fast-Track Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: Fast-track your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop deployment with ITI's design and implementation offer. ITI will customize Windows 10 and Windows 11 multisession desktops and configure an Azure landing zone.

Azure VMware Solution- 4-Day Workshop.png

Azure VMware Solution: 4-Day Workshop: Bechtle's workshop will familiarize you with the benefits of Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) and go over best practices and use cases to determine deployment and get your ready for migrating or creating VMs. This offer is only available in German.

Capgemini Reflect IoD- 16-Week Implementation.png

Capgemini Reflect IoD: 16-Week ImplementationCapgemini's offering integrates and federates data from multiple systems and formats into a digital twin. Use digital twins of real-world systems to monitor and optimize industrial operations and infrastructure, and customize offerings.

Data Accelerator Essentials- 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Accelerator Essentials: 4-Week Implementation: Is your organization looking to kickstart its digital transformation journey with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure Data Services? Phoenix Software's accelerator solution will quickly unlock the power of your data and provide powerful business insights.

Data Ecosystem Modernization- 5-Week Implementation.png

UniSystems Modern Data Warehouse: 5-Week Implementation: UniSystems will assess your data warehousing architecture with the goal of optimizing data usage and flow while centralizing business information and making it available for analytics and reporting with the power of Microsoft Azure.

Data Modernization Center of Excellence- 6-Month Implementation.png

Data Modernization Center of Excellence: 6-Month Implementation: The data experts from Crayon will shape, simplify, and support your digital initiatives with Microsoft Azure Services, so you can implement a data modernization center of excellence that drives cost savings and accelerated time to insight.

High Performance Cloud File Storage in Azure- 12-Hour Implementation.png

High Performance File Storage on Azure: 12-Hour Implementation: Managed Solution will enable companies with high-latency environments to improve performance and reduce data movement costs by leveraging Microsoft Azure to promote productivity regardless of file type and size.

Identity and Access Management- 4-Week Implementation.png

Identity and Access Management: 4-Week Implementation: Alpha Data will implement Identity and Access Management packages along with Single Sign-On capabilities using Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Manage your users in one central location and automatically sign them into Microsoft Office 365 with Azure AD accounts.

Landing Zone- 4-Week Implementation Design and Build.png

Landing Zone: 4-Week Implementation: Proact’s offer, designed in accordance with Microsoft best practices, includes assessment, design, and rollout of Microsoft Azure landing zone configured and deployed with Terraform code. Migration of an existing data center is also included.

Mainframe MIII- 2-Hour Workshop.png

Mainframe MIII: 2-Hour Workshop: Atos Mainframe MIII (Manage - Migrate - Modernize) services will help enterprises streamline mainframe IT operations with intelligent automation and proactive maintenance for higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Modern Data Warehouse- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Modern Data Warehouse: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Customized for your organization, Devoteam's proof of concept will demonstrate how modern data warehouse solutions with predictive intelligence capabilities can be built using Microsoft Azure Data Lake, ML, and Microsoft Power BI.

Neudesic Zero Trust Framework- 10-Week Implementation.png

Neudesic Zero Trust Framework: 10-Week Implementation: Neudesic will help you securely manage risks and accelerate business innovation with a customized Zero Trust security solution built on Microsoft Azure. Simplify security and provide ongoing protection for your users and resources.

Road to Cloud Proof of Concept- 1-Month implementation.png

Road to Cloud Proof of Concept: 1-Month Implementation: In this service, Crayon will migrate five workloads of your choice to Microsoft Azure to test the viability of the solution and deliver business value at the lowest price point while forecasting monthly consumption.

Service Mesh Accelerator on Azure- 6-Week Implementation.png

Service Mesh Accelerator on Azure: 6-Week Implementation: Capgemini will deliver a Kubernetes cluster with service mesh of your choice – Microsoft Open Service Mesh (OSM) or Istio. This service enables resilient microservice architecture so you can implement retries, failovers, and fault injection.

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Accelerate Azure Databricks

ActivSight Imaging Platform

AI and ML: 4-Hour Business Value Assessment

App Performance Optimization: 2-Day Assessment

App Performance Optimization: 2-Hour Assessment

Application Development: Custom Platforms

Application Modernization Strategy: 3- to 6-Week Assessment

Application Modernization: 4-Week Assessment

Application Security: 2-Week Assessment

Azure Synapse Analytics: 1- to 2-Hour Assessment

Azure Application Modernization: 10-Day Assessment

Azure Knowledge Management: 4-Hour Assessment

Azure Reporting & Analytics: 3- to 6-Week Assessment

Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Services

Cisco Business Dashboard

Citrix on Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Citrix on Azure: Advisory Services

Clear Linux OS

Cloud Economics Health Check: 4-Week Assessment

Cloud Safeguard

Cloud Security Health Check: 4-Week Assessment

Comparatio EDI

Compliance Manager as a Service: 7-Day Assessment

Database Analysis Package: 5-Day Assessment

DevOps Processes Adoption: 1-Week Assessment

Disaster Recovery Solution - Epic on Azure

Easyarchiver Email Archiving for Microsoft 365

eID-Me Identity Verification and Digital ID

Empathic Building for Smart Office


Epic on Azure: 3-Week Cloud Readiness Assessment

EPLAN Electric P8 2022 with Azure Virtual Desktop

EQ Borrowbox

EQ Credit Services Loan Management Software

EY Decarbonization Management Platform

Facets G6 on Azure Automated Environment Deployment

Fraud Detection Using Azure Cloud Services: 4-Week Assessment

Hadoop to Azure Databricks Launch Ramp: 4-Week Assessment

Identity, Governance and Security: 2-Week Assessment

Inforiver Add-on for Power BI (Beta)

Launch Analytics Solution

Managed Integration on Azure: 2-Week Assessment


MediVR - Medical Training & Education - ClinicAI

MediVR - Medical Training & Education - Pediatrics Emergency

Microsoft Cloud License Health Check: 1-Week Assessment

Moyo Retail Recommender with Azure Synapse Analytics

NEORIS Retail & CPG Intelligence Accelerator

Panacea Integrated Bedside Terminal Solution


Pingview by Pingflow

Productizing Innovation

Profisee Master Data Management - PaaS

Profisee Master Data Management - SaaS

Real World Evidence Analytics Solution

Road to Cloud: 2-Week Assessment

Skybox Security

SMART Chat - AI Chatbot



Surgery Insights

Surveyor 360 Data Center Migration: 2-Week Assessment

Telia Sign

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

VastData Cloud Deployer


Zensar Cloud Migration with ZCloudStrategics Framework

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