Azure Marketplace new offers – April 27, 2022

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 118 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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AC3's Detection and Response for Microsoft Sentinel.png

AC3's Detection and Response for Microsoft Sentinel: This managed service from AC3 combines the power of Microsoft Sentinel and AC3’s security operations center to ensure your environment is continuously monitored for threats. AC3’s team of certified cybersecurity experts will be there to keep your business safe and secure.

Anybrain Security Platform for Gaming and Esports.png Anybrain Security Platform for Gaming and Esports: The Anybrain platform for game developers and esports organizations looks for fraudulent behavior and monitors player age, gender, and fatigue levels. Anybrain ensures content is going to the right audience, and it spots hacks like boosting, smurfing, scripting, and bots.
Auto Insurance Claims Fraud Prediction.png

Auto Insurance Claims Fraud Prediction: This machine learning solution from Mphasis predicts the probability of fraud in auto insurance claims by considering various policy, demographic, and incident details related to a claim.

Autopilot Customer Onboarding.png

Autopilot Customer Onboarding: Retailers, healthcare providers, government agencies, and others can seamlessly manage their customer onboarding process with Autopilot, which offers at-a-glance dashboards, digital signatures, accurate reporting and statistics, and a compliant audit trail.

AWX v17 (Open Source Web Interface for Ansible) on Azure.png

AWX v17 (Open-Source Web Interface for Ansible) on Azure: This offer from Solve DevOps provides a preconfigured image of AWX 17.0.0 on Ubuntu 20.04. Use AWX to enable GitOps for your projects and run your Ansible playbooks on schedule and unattended. One hour of free support is included.

CIS-Hardened Ubuntu Pro Minimal 20.04 LTS.png

CIS-Hardened Ubuntu Pro Minimal 20.04 LTS: This offer from Canonical provides an image of Ubuntu Pro optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set, a minimal security cross-section, and with CIS hardening already applied for improved compliance and auditing.

Cloud Carbon Reduction Calculator.png

Cloud Carbon Reduction Calculator: The Cloud Carbon Reduction Calculator from Kainos estimates how much of your carbon emissions you could reduce by migrating your servers from on-premises datacenters to the public cloud.

Espresso by Solutions2Share.png

Espresso by Solutions2Share: Espresso by Solutions2Share helps you bring your SharePoint intranet into Microsoft Teams. To get you started, Espresso offers three layout templates for easy setup. Select one and change the branding to match your company identity.


Hyperlinks: The Hyperlinks app from Solutions2Share gives you a structured overview of all your bookmarks in Microsoft Teams. Save links to websites, files, or conversations as bookmarks, then manage, categorize, and visualize them.

KnowledgeLake Intelligent Capture for SharePoint Online and Syntex.png

KnowledgeLake Intelligent Capture for SharePoint Online and Syntex: KnowledgeLake's robotic process automation helps organizations automate their most important document processes, allowing them to capture, classify, tag, manage, and secure content in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and SharePoint.

Lasernet Document and Report Creation for Microsoft Dynamics 365.png

Lasernet Document and Report Creation for Microsoft Dynamics 365: With Lasernet from Formpipe, companies can quickly and easily create reports, design business documents, and distribute and archive them. Because Lasernet builds on Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can drive all their logic and output using standard screens with no extra training.

Mphasis HyperGraf Big 5 Trait Analyzer.png

Mphasis HyperGraf Big 5 Trait Analyzer: The Big 5 Trait Analyzer, part of the HyperGraf solution from Mphasis, uses natural language processing and computational psycholinguistics to analyze text from blogs, emails, or social media and identify the writer's personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism).

OpenJDK 11 with Red Hat 8.png

OpenJDK 11 with Red Hat 8: This preconfigured image offered by Cognosys contains OpenJDK 11.0.8 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2. OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).

Python on Debian 10.png

Python on Debian 10: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Python on Debian 10. Python is a fast, powerful, widely used programming language for building websites, software, games, and more.

Python on Debian 11.png

Python on Debian 11: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Python on Debian 11. Python is a fast, powerful, widely used programming language for building websites, software, games, and more.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9: This offer from Ntegral provides Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has built-in security features, such as Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls to help you combat intrusions and meet regulatory compliance.


Scappman: Scappman integrates with Microsoft Intune to automatically update applications. Utilize an extensive list of prepackaged applications or upload your custom apps in Scappman's intelligent packaging engine.

Seqwa AI-Powered Search.png

Seqwa AI-Powered Search: Seqwa, a REST API search solution from Kalyankar Analytics, can be configured in a fraction of the time it would take to build an in-house solution. Seqwa supports autocomplete, recommendations, and full-text search with semantic ranking for intent.

Smart Shift Management.png

Smart Shift Management: Smart Shift Management is a shift-planning and monitoring application for manufacturing plants. Display organizational hierarchy, create maps by area, work center, or shift role, and track shift areas with photos of active staff.

Statbusters Pre-Launch Offer.png

Statbusters Pre-Launch Offer: The Statbusters website performance and analysis tool tracks downtime, where your visitors come from, how long they spend on your site, and more. Statbusters presents all the data you need in an easy-to-understand way, and it supports data export.

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS.png

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS: This offer from Ntegral provides a preconfigured image of Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS that features optimized kernels for Microsoft Azure and extended security for infrastructure and applications.

Vehicle Insurance Claims Prediction.png

Vehicle Insurance Claims Prediction: Vehicle Insurance Claims Prediction, part of the HyperGraf solution from Mphasis, features machine learning algorithms that use important policyholder, vehicle, and geographical zone characteristics to predict the occurrence of a claim and the claim amount.

Vendor Onboarding Autopilot.png

Vendor Onboarding Autopilot: Seamlessly manage your vendor onboarding process with Autopilot, which offers an at-a-glance dashboard and accurate reporting. Auditing and tracking are done automatically, so you'll never have a vendor’s credentials slip through the cracks.

WordPress on Azure.png

WordPress on Azure: This offer from Solve DevOps packages WordPress, MariaDB, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and Ubuntu 20.04 into a single easy-to-use service. WordPress, a popular open-source content management system, is used for everything from personal blogs to professional websites.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

4G Board Azure IoT Industrial Solution- 1-Day Implementation.png

4G Board Azure IoT Industrial Solution: 1-Day Implementation: Advanced Wireless Network Company, a division of Advanced Info Service, will implement the AIS 4G Board, a development kit for rapid prototyping that's compatible with Microsoft Azure services.

API Management Foundation- 4-Week Implementation.png

API Management Foundation: 4-Week Implementation: Over four weeks, Servian will implement its solution that builds on Microsoft Azure API Management and Servian's suite of accelerators. This will fast-track, standardize, and centralize management and delivery of your business's APIs.

Azure Integration Foundations- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Integration Foundations: 4-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Insight will assess your integration ecosystem and have you choose two service integrations to be modernized. Insight will then conduct a collaborative workshop and configure and deploy an end-to-end integration framework on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Managed Services (1 Year).png

Azure Managed Services (1 Year): In this managed services offer, Advanced Wireless Network Company, a division of Advanced Info Service, will help customers productively govern their IT resources and make the most of their Microsoft Azure usage.

Azure ML and AI Operating Model- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure ML and AI Operating Model: 8-Week Implementation: Ness Digital Engineering will design, remediate, and enhance basic architectural and cloud operating model features of your Microsoft Azure machine learning environment, including landing zones, cost management, security, and performance.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift- 1-Week App Dev Implementation Sprint.png

Azure Red Hat OpenShift: 1-Week App Dev Sprint: Red Hat Professional Services will work with your team to implement tested app modernization strategies that take advantage of Kubernetes and Azure Red Hat OpenShift platform capabilities, such as auto-scaling, logging, monitoring, and container-native continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Azure Security Booster- 5-Day Implementation.png

Azure Security Booster: 5-Day Implementation: Abtis will help your company implement modern security for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud resources. You'll gain a hardened infrastructure and secure operation for all your workloads. This service is available only in German.

Azure Sentinel Quick Start- 1-Day Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Quick Start: 1-Day Implementation: In this implementation, Insight will configure Microsoft Azure Sentinel, providing setup of the platform, the prerequisite log analytics workspace, and a default set of data connectors to enable ingestion of a basic set of Microsoft log sources.

Azure Sentinel Quick Start- 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Quick Start: 6-Week Implementation: Catapult Systems will help your organization set up Microsoft Azure Sentinel in your environment and start using its expansive security capabilities to discover threats and automate responses.

Azure Stack HCI to Azure Virtual Desktop- 4-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Stack HCI to Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Day Proof of Concept: readymind will deliver a proof of concept of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Virtual desktop infrastructure uses server hardware to run desktop operating systems and software programs in a virtual machine. This service is available in Spanish and also includes a workshop.

Cloud1 Data Quality Analysis- 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud1 Data Quality Analysis: 4-Week Implementation: Using Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure services, Cloud1 Oy will conduct a data quality analysis project in cooperation with your business. Cloud1 Oy will validate a defined group of data assets for ingestion, modeling, reporting, and automated quality monitoring.

Container Platforms- Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services.png

Container Platforms: Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services: Partner with Kyndryl to design, build, and manage an ecosystem of container platforms to support your company's digital transformation infrastructure. Kyndryl will support your containerization journey through the service lifecycle.

Data Analytics Use-Case Design- 1-Day Proof of Concept.png

Data Analytics Use-Case Design: 1-Day Proof of Concept: Do you have plans for using artificial intelligence in your company? Cosmo Consult will develop a proof of concept for the implementation of your use case. This service is available only in German.

Data Analytics Use-Case Generation 5-Month Workshop.png

Data Analytics Use-Case Generation 5-Month Workshop: Over 20 weeks, Bluebik will work closely with your company to identify important data analytics use cases and assess gaps in terms of people, process, technology, and data in Microsoft Azure.

Machine Learning Operations- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Machine Learning Operations: 4-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, LTI will use its AInA template-based approach to operationalize AI and machine learning models on Microsoft Azure. AInA automates the process and enables a bring-your-own-model concept when models are developed in other languages and frameworks.

Managed Service- Apache Kafka on Azure.png

Managed Service: Apache Kafka on Azure: Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, will fully manage and support Apache Kafka in your Microsoft Azure tenant, on Azure Kubernetes Service, or on Azure virtual machines. This offer is backed by a 99.9 percent uptime service-level agreement. 

Market Mix Optimization- 4-Month Implementation.png

Market Mix Optimization: 4-Month Implementation: Realize the full potential of your marketing investments with this implementation of Tiger Analytics’ Marketing Mix Optimization, a cloud-based analytics solution that helps organizations consolidate and visualize historical marketing spending.

Microsoft Windows 365- 1-Day Workshop.png

Microsoft Windows 365: 1-Day Workshop: Venzo's workshop will familiarize you with Windows 365 technology. Venzo will set up a demo of Windows 365 in your Microsoft Azure tenant, go over best practices and use cases, answer your questions, and determine where to go next.

Mixed Reality- 10-Week Implementation.png

Mixed Reality: 10-Week Implementation: By embedding digital information into our physical world, mixed reality opens the door to a new dimension of creativity, teamwork, and productivity. Kabel's service, available only in Spanish, will examine mixed reality use cases to meet your company's needs.

Model Monitoring on Azure- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Model Monitoring on Azure: 6-Week Proof of Concept: LTI will deliver a proof of concept of M-AInA, an AI and machine learning template that provides monitoring metrics of a deployed model on Microsoft Azure. M-AInA will provide insights around drift management, ground truth evaluation, and model explanations with what-if analysis.

Predictive Maintenance for MFG- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Predictive Maintenance for MFG: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Quickly deliver on your industrial organization's vision with Hanu's proof of concept of a predictive maintenance solution that uses Microsoft Azure Synapse. This offer also includes an assessment, a workshop, and a knowledge transfer.

Publicis Sapient Connected Citizen- 12-Week Implementation.png

Publicis Sapient Connected Citizen: 12-Week Implementation: Publicis Sapient will implement its Firefly solution, which runs on Microsoft Azure and utilizes Adobe Experience Manager Platform and an Azure Data Lake. Firefly is a portal that connects citizens, businesses, and government.

PwC Azure Migration Services- 3-Month Implementation.png

PwC's Azure Migration Services: 3-Month Implementation: PwC's service is designed to accelerate and simplify your migration to Microsoft Azure and to empower your IT team to take full advantage of Azure’s capabilities.

SAP Data Ingest to Azure Data Platform- 1-Day Workshop.png

SAP Data Ingest to Azure Data Platform: 1-Day Workshop: If your organization has an SAP ERP system and is planning to ingest the data into Microsoft Azure, this workshop from Islet Group Oy is for you. Islet will present integration options and cover best practices for ingestion.

Sitecore Managed Services (Month to Month).png

Sitecore Managed Services (Month to Month): Bayleaf's team supplies consulting and managed services to clients looking to outsource the implementation and management of their Sitecore solution on Microsoft Azure.

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AvePoint Cloud Archiving for Microsoft 365

Axians Dashboard as a Service

Azure Migration Offering: 2-Week Assessment

Azure Synapse Analytics: 3-Week Assessment

Azure Synapse Data Lake Accelerator: 4-Week Assessment

Braincube IIoT Platform High Performance Engineering (HPE)

CARE for Healthcare

ClooOps: Cloud Management Portal

Cloud Governance: 8-Week Assessment

Cloud Student Information Service

Confide Data Room for Microsoft 365

Content Manager: Take Control of Your District Web Presence

Cyber Trainer

DagreeX DX Service

Data Estate: 2-Week Assessment

Data Warehouse: 1-Day Assessment

Dataloket Data Portal

Egress Defend

Egress Prevent

Egress Protect

Elevate for Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Enterprise Control

EY Legal Compliance Technology and Digital Solutions

EY NextGen 2.0 IAM

EY Spotmentor

EY Transformation Hub (THUB)

Fujitsu IoT Operations Cockpit

Hackrate Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (mVDP)

Hardened Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

HCL CloudSmart for SAP on Azure

HCL SAP S/4HANA on Azure Services: 1-Day Briefing

HCL Skytap on Azure: 1-Day Briefing

Human Capital Planning 3-Hour Assessment

Infotechtion Auto Classification

Ironchip: Location-Based Identity platform

itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform (SAAS)

JetStream Accelerated File Transfer Software


Learning and Development Application

LOQR JaaS Platform

LucidLink Filespaces

Lumin by Fosfor

Luminate Store Execution

MARS Automation Platform for Biopharma


MediVR: Mixed Reality for Medical Training

NoTouch Delivery Service Mobile Application

OpenVINO Integration with TensorFlow


Optic by Fosfor


PwC Terrain Insights: 6-Month Implementation

Rebate Management System

Red Hat Learning Subscription: 12-Month Briefing

ResourceXpress SaaS

SAP on Azure: 1-Week Pre-Assessment

Scalar DL

Secure SAP on Azure with Fortinet

Spectra by Fosfor

Syone Sales and Supply Chain Machine Learning

Text-to-Video (TTV)

TIBCO Jaspersoft Server 7.9.2 for Microsoft Azure

TIBCO Jaspersoft Server 8.0.1 for Microsoft Azure

VenueArc - Event Management

Veritas NetBackup Container Images

ZF Rescue Connect
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