Announcing Public Preview of Azure API Management Basic v2 and Standard v2 Tiers
Published Oct 10 2023 12:25 PM 13K Views

We are excited to announce the launch of the public preview of our newest Azure API Management tiers – Basic v2 and Standard v2. Thousands of the world’s largest enterprises trust Azure API Management to implement, secure, and scale their API initiatives. Our customers are at the center of our innovation at Microsoft, and their feedback guides our investments. The new tiers answer popular customer requests, offer quality-of-service improvements, and allow customers of any size to get started with API Management, adding capabilities and scale as their API programs grow.


Key capabilities and quality of service improvements


  • Faster deployment and scaling. Deploy a new, production-ready API Management service instance in minutes. Scale it out or in quickly to meet the ever-evolving needs of your API management workloads.
  • Private networking. Standard v2 tier now supports VNet Integration, allowing outbound traffic can be restricted to a single connected VNet
  • Higher scale. Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers support up to 10 scale units, a 5X and 2.5X improvement over Basic and Standard tiers respectively.


Preview limitations


The Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers public preview is available only in selected public regions for newly created service instances. Upgrades from the current tiers aren’t supported. During the preview some features found in the current tiers will not be present the new tiers.

For pricing information and regional availability please visit API Management pricing page.


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Frequently asked questions


Q: Can I migrate my existing API Management service instance to the Basic v2 or Standard v2 tier?

A: No, you can't migrate an existing Consumption, Developer, Basic, Standard, or Premium tier API Management service instance to Basic v2 or Standard v2 tier. Currently the new tiers are available for newly created service instances only. Migration path will be announced separately.


Q: What's the relationship between the stv2 compute platform and the Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers?

A: They're not related. stv2 is a compute platform version of the Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium tier service instances. stv2 is a successor to stv1 platform scheduled for retirement in 2024.


Q: Will I still be able to provision Basic or Standard tier services?

A: Yes, there are no changes to the Basic or Standard tiers.


Q: What is the difference between VNet integration in Standard v2 tier and VNet support in the Premium tier?

A: Standard v2 service instance can be integrated with a VNet to provide secure access to the backends residing there. A Standard v2 service instance integrated with a VNet will have a public IP address which will have to be secured separately, via Private Link, if necessary. Premium tier supports a fully private integration with a VNet (often referred to as injection into VNet) without exposing a public IP address.


Q: Can I deploy any of the new SKUs entirely in my VNet?

A: No, such a deployment is only supported in the Premium tier.

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