Introducing the new downloads experience


The new Microsoft Edge recently turned one year old, over the last year we’ve heard your feedback about the downloads experience. While there’s a lot you liked, a common criticism was that it was often hard to notice new downloads in the tray at the bottom of the window. Closing the tray to clear up screen real estate also prevented you from monitoring your download progress, and it was difficult to get back to your downloads later. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a major update to downloads which should address all of this feedback and more. 


Downloads 1.gif


When you start a download, a new menu will now appear in the top-right corner with all your active downloads in one place. This menu is easily dismissible so you can continue browsing uninterrupted. Best of all, you can monitor your overall download progress right from the toolbar thanks to the new progress ring on the downloads button.


Downloads 2.gif


Simply click on the downloads button at any time to view all your downloads again. You can hover over or right-click on files in the list to pause, restart, or cancel a download. You can also select See more to view and manage your past downloads as well. And as with the recently updated experiences for favoriteshistory, and as of today Collections, you can even pin (Pin.png) the downloads menu open so you can monitor your downloads in detail while you browse. 


The downloads button will remain in the toolbar until all the downloads have finished, at which point the progress ring will change into a green checkmark. Simply open the menu to see your finished downloads and hide the downloads button again. 


Downloads 3.gif


If you haven’t downloaded a file recently, you can still access the new downloads menu from the Settings and More menu (Menu.png). And in response to overwhelming feedback, you can finally choose to always show the downloads button on the toolbar for one-click access even when you aren't in the process of downloading a file. 


For those of you who prefer a more immersive view of your downloads, you can easily get back to the downloads page by selecting Manage downloads in the downloads menu (Menu.png) or typing edge://downloads in the address bar. 


We’re so excited to hear what you think of the new downloads experience, which is currently available in the Canary and Dev channels. Please send us your thoughts by submitting feedback in-app and in the comments below.  


— William Devereux, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge  

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@William Devereux  The new was is **bleep**, gone back to Chrome until it is fixed or given as an option, it gets in the way and less functional.

Please wait until a certain someone comes to cancel your feedback in 3,2,1...

The tag to disable it is not working anymore for me.

Does anyone have a way to disable this and go back to the bottom bar?

it is so sad when your feedback falls on deaf ears.

was a flag so bad?

I guess I'll still use edge, but man... I'm really sad.

I guess that if there is no way to go back to the bottom bar, I'll take a break from this forum.

Maybe they do not want to have to maintain two codelines for the same feature?!
In 90.0.818.66 on macOS the bottom bar experience is still there for PWAs...

@Johannes Goerlich then maybe they should retain the one that users want instead of the one they're foisting off on us.

Because only on a computer with Windows 10 updated and the latest version 91 I don't see this feature on other machines ok

The new download flyout is HORRIBLE! The bar at the bottom was much easier to work with, and downloads were easier to see and manage. Please get rid of the firefox look alike. Again, it is horrible!!!!

I don't care where they put it, I just want to be able to download exe files and turn the Windows protection on again.  


Hey, I'm in love with this new menues (downloads, favourites and history) but in my personal machine I'm not getting them, any clue? I have the latest edge version (Versión 91.0.864.64 (Compilación oficial) (64 bits)) so not sure what could be wrong, just simply don't get them. In other machines I prepare daily in my work, it get instantly. Any clue? Thx!!
Fake account that was just created to make this fake post. Shows how desperate some people are.
When I press the Recycle Bin button next to a downloaded file, strangely enough, the file does not move to the Recycle Bin. It disappears altogether. I thought this was a bug and reported it before, but there is no sign of a fix.
The flag to use the bottom bar stopped working for me a few weeks ago, since then, I was "forced" to use it (because I won't come back to chrome) so this is my feedback:

The current state of the download "thing" is actually very good.

Files are sorted by date, drag and drop is working, you can delete files and it goes away (if you don't pin it).

I have to say I changed my point of view, and now I don't even miss the bar.

I would love a "remove from the list without deleting" and maybe the ability to move it to the left side or the bottom

Overall, at the current state I think is a cool replacement from the bottom bar.

The fact that if you hide the bottom bar, you can't just pop it up again at will, you need to download something else to bring it back was maybe one of the things I liked about this approach.

I Still think that the old bar is far simple and does its job perfectly, and there are instances (like old people or non-tech users) where a simple bar is what we need.

I Still think there should be a flag to allow the user to decide.
Even if the default is the new one.

@William Devereux I'm running 92.0.902.62 and still have not gotten the new downloads or history experiences. Any ideas on a fix?

I agree with @agcemo. There is nothing wrong with the current download experience, or the old one. The only thing I hate is the location and the fact that it opens automatically. I have used Mozilla Firefox and although the download experience is similar, I think I like the Firefox experience better compared to the new one.

Ps. After I post this, I am going to install Firefox on my phone and give it a try.
My application downloads files in a secondary window. In that secondary window I turn off the menubar and toolbar so the user cannot use that window to navigate. So now with this latest change, THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD BUTTONS OR LINKS AT ALL! I know I can add --disable-features=msDownloadsHub to the Edge shortcut to restore the behavior of the bottom-left download link, but this is not an option for my 100's of users. Microsoft, please provide a way to solve this.
Since Edge 97 this functionality has been broken, Edge 98 and all downloadable versions have the same issue. This has been reported but not fixed