Unleashing Success: The Impact of Advanced Support for Partners on Microsoft Cloud Businesses



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Unleashing Success: The Impact of Advanced Support for Partners on Microsoft Cloud Businesses


A blog post by Asher Nierman, Sr. Campaign Manager at Microsoft


Are you a Microsoft partner who wants to accelerate your cloud business, differentiate your solutions, and grow your customer base? If so, you might be interested in Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP), a paid partner offer that provides you with a range of benefits to help you succeed on the Microsoft Cloud.


ASfP is more than just a support plan; it is a comprehensive partner experience. The Partner Success Account Manager (PSAM) and the global team of experts alongside them provide the foundation of the ASfP offering. Additional layers include Microsoft-direct consultative technical guidance, improved reactive support, and various components that help Partners grow and expand their operations to new levels.


But don't just take our word for it; we have data to back up the value of ASfP for our partners. We recently conducted an analysis of the impact of ASfP on the partners and the results are impressive. They clearly show that ASfP partners outperform non-ASfP partners in several key areas.


Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Impact

We compared the performance of ASfP Partners and non-ASfP partners and found that ASfP partners have a significant advantage in attaining Solutions partner designations and growing their cloud business. Here are the highlights from our analysis:


  • ASfP partners have a 47% uplift in Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Capability Score, which reflects their overall cloud maturity and readiness.*
  • ASfP partners are 2.2x more likely to have at least one Solutions partner designation, which demonstrates their proven expertise and technical capability and success in the Microsoft Cloud*

Microsoft Cloud Revenue Uplift

Building on the success of ASfP partners in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, our analysis reveals further compelling advantages when looking at actual revenue uplift for three primary solution areas, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure. Here are the highlights from the study:


  • ASfP partners have a 3x deployment rate across Dynamics 365 solutions,
  • ASfP partners have a 1.7x deployment rate across Microsoft 365, 1.7x, and
  • For Azure, ASfP partners drive 92% more Azure Consumed Revenue (ACR), vs the control group.*

These results show that ASfP partners are more capable, more differentiated, and drive more Cloud revenue than non-ASfP partners.


Advanced Support for Partner Satisfaction

But that's not all. ASfP partners are highly satisfied with their PSAM and have a higher overall partner satisfaction (OSAT) than non-service plan partner OSAT. From active ASfP Partners:


  • ASfP partners rate their Partner Success Account Manager (PSAM) 4.8 out of 5, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the account management and guidance they receive.*
  • ASfP partners rate their proactive services satisfaction an average of 4.7 out of 5, based on 7,500 delivered services that help them improve their cloud skills and solutions.*
  • ASfP partners have a higher overall partner satisfaction (OSAT) score than non-service plan partners, reflecting their positive perception of the value and support they get from Microsoft.*

This data serves as a testament to the value ASfP partners place on the personalized and proactive partner experience provided by ASfP. They also highlight the importance of the PSAM, a key differentiator and trusted advisor who helps partners navigate the Microsoft partner ecosystem, align their business goals with Microsoft priorities, and leverage the best resources and opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that leads to expanded cloud businesses and offerings.


How to Join ASfP and Start Your Journey to Success

If you are interested in joining ASfP and benefiting from the partner experience and impact that we have described or to speak directly with our team to discuss your unique needs and to assist with options, please complete this form today. 


ASfP is a paid partner offer, though we believe that the value and return on investment that ASfP delivers far outweighs the cost. A quote from one of our Partners and documented on the ASfP Website in a published success story:


Our experience in ASfP has been invaluable and is directly correlated to our ability to serve more customers, across more technologies, and with higher levels of customer satisfaction, which has allowed us to exceed our growth targets and properly plan for the future.” Lance Wilson, CEO – AMG Services.


Premier Support for Partners

For Partners seeking the highest level of technical enablement and support, another option for Partners to consider is Premier Support for Partners (PSfP). This offering includes benefits, features, and add-ons beyond those in ASfP and is a great option depending on needs and budget. To learn more, please visit Microsoft Premier Support for Partners and leverage that form to speak with a PSfP specialist. 


We hope that this blog post has given you insights into the impact of ASfP on our Partners and how ASfP can help you achieve more across the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and Microsoft Cloud. We invite you to join ASfP and continue your journey to Microsoft partner success with us.


To speak with an ASfP Evangelist, complete this form today.


*The ASfP Impact slide with additional information and sources can be found here.*


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2 Replies
We have ASfP and find it very useful! I was wondering if you can assist with an administrative question. Our ASfP invoice was protected by Purview this month and I do not have permission to "consume the content." Do you know where I can access ASfP invoices online, or who I can contact to get an unprotected copy of the invoice? Microsoft billing is an abyss. Thank you!
Hi Betsy,

Great to hear you're finding ASfP useful! If you ever want to learn more about Premier Support for Partners, let us know!

I recommend contacting your account manager. They will be able to work with you and our contract support operations teams and Microsoft billing groups to get you all the information you need regarding unpaid/paid invoices.

While I know this isn't always possible, paying upfront in full is the easiest way to ensure you don't have to worry about ASfP invoices month after month.

If you need help identifying your account manager, please send me a direct message with your business name and partner ID and I will share that info with you.