Assign External Users full Office 365 Licenses?


Is it possible to assign a license of Office 365 to an external user?  It is possible within the Office admin center and the AAD admin portal to assign a 'guest' a license.  However while it does assign them a license it appears they aren't able to use that license.  I've tried this with a guest authenticated through MSA and a guest from another valid AAD tenant (neither had their own Office 365 license).  


So is it possible to assign the license to an external user have them use the license?  I suspect no, but then why does it support assigning those licenses in both Office Admin Center and AAD Portal?  

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Hi @Jason Armenise

Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, no. See article

You can physically assign a licence to an external user but it’s not supported. You will want to refer to the official docs on adding B2B users/guests

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Why do you want to assign a license? Technically it is possible, you can even create a mailbox for such users, but you have to play with the account properties a bit. Or you can make it a GA for that matter.

@Christopher Hoard 


Thank you!  That's what I assumed, just wanted to know if it was a bug or a not.  Cheers!

Thanks Christopher! To confirm, can you use Office Admin and AAD Portal to assign ANY usable license to an external user? E.g. Teams?
No problem! I am not aware of any limits, but unfortunately - and returning to the original point above - it isn’t officially supported so I would not be surprised if you ran into an issue trying to assign a particular licence to an external user in terms of applying the licence or functionality

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Are you sure, it's still not officially supported?


Assign a license to a guest user

You can invite guest users to collaborate with your organization in Azure Active directory admin center. To learn about guess users, see What is guest user access in Azure Active Directory B2B? If you don't have any guest users, see Quickstart: Add guest users to your directory in the Azure portal.


You must be a Global admin to do these steps.

  1. Go to the Azure Active Directory admin center
  2. In the navigation pane, select Users.
  3. On the Users | All Users (Preview) page, select Add filters.
  4. In the Pick a field menu, choose User type, then select Apply.
  5. In the next menu, select Guest.
  6. In the list of results, select the user who needs a license.
  7. Under Manage, select Licenses.
  8. Select Assignments.
  9. On the Update license assignments page, select the product you want to assign a license for.
  10. On the right, clear the check boxes for any services you don't want the guest user to have access to.
  11. Select Save.

This sounds as it would be supported...?


The document say yes. you can assign to external guest user.

But when i tried to do this with external identity Google + assign license on AD.
The google account can login to the organization, but the license do not update to it even after few hours. And i check on microsoft 365 admin center ( > ADMIN), those users with google identity do not have a license and device tabs under its detail page.



o.... i tried again without google external identity.
But just registry a Microsoft account with the gmail. 
Then the license can be assign to user correctly and the user have a notification to private setting to accept the license. I think it work with guest if they are not using external identity.
Or if someone know how to work with google account password directly, please advise. Thanks.licensemessage.png

Hello Vasil.
do you happen to know where to find further details about how exactly "to play with the account properties"? Thanks a lot