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@Michael_Aldridge, I use a personal reference to you since you are the one who posted this. You did do the original post, right? We Access developers appreciate your work, Michael, but the development community looks for signs when there is a vacuum of information. There's a vacuum, so perception is...
@pflipper I don't take it personally although you used a personal reference about my name to try and make a point about our commitment to the product. ;) Please refer to my roadmap blog post above which explains why you see what you see in the M365 public roadmap for Access. Until we are 90% confide...
Hi Michael, Thanks for weighing in; that means something. I have checked out your linkenin, but I'm not sure what you mean by " that is part of my email address as there are two different people at Microsoft who have the same name". Should that limit you from putting "Access Product Manager" as your...
Michael, in addition to the Access Blog, I think you should highlight the New Access Fixes element of the blog, so that people know you are not sitting on your hands, but are actively fixing bugs or issues which are not on everyone's radar. You might even want to provide a way for users to easily lo...
@Michael_Aldridge Michael: a continued commitment to bug fixing is obviously a good sign that Access is still getting attention; but it'd be much more convincing if we could see that there are new features in Access' future. Right now, to the unbiased observer of Microsoft's public commitments, Acce...