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I work on a highly collaborative, yet dispersed team.  We have a Surface hub at one location that we use for all our daily standup meetings.  I would love to be able to switch to Microsoft Teams for our calls, however I can't figure out how to best "join"

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Derek,  I hope Microsoft does come up with a Teams App for the Surface Hub especially now that they are going to replace SfB with Teams otherwise, the Hub will become wor

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I am totally sure, this will happen pretty soon. No matter what MS claims, the future of SkypeForBusiness is to merge with Teams as fast as possible.

Slack, Spark and all

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This isn't possible yet, as the Surface Hub runs a cut down version of Windows 10 called (funnily enough) "Windows 10 Team" which can't run x86 apps.
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Hi, I want to install A Surface Hub Tour on our Surface Hub but when I go to the app in the store, it has only the PC version. When I click Get the App, a message says an app is required to install, do you want to search for app in store? I was using Edge

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Hi Stephen


You cannot use Edge to install apps as users are not allowed to install them (the device account will not have sufficient privileges). Note that as a collabo

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What if you use the actual Store app on the Surface Hub? You need device admin rights to be able to access it.

A quick check of the Surface Hub Update History today presented this:


  • Adds ability to manage Start Menu tile layout via MDM


And my immediate reaction...


Suffice to say I know what I'm playing with this weekend!


For anyone wanting to know more, here's the admin guide page

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Hello all,


I have a question how many concurrent sessions (or users) are allowed for white boading on Surface Hub.


In addition, Is there any public information regarding this question? 


Best Regards,


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Hi Sachiko

As far as I can see, there is no public documentation that explicitly states the limit for the number of users that can join a collaboration session in Whiteboa... Read More
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When you decide on a new personal device, your decision criteria will probably revolve around its' speed and performance and ultimately, around your own personal experience with it. But what if that device, by design, not only bolstered your indiv

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Hi All, 


First Post here on the forums


We haven't had the greatest start with the Surface Hubs we purchased we had. Hopinh to turn things around :) 


We have 4 Surface Hubs


3 x 84" 

1 x 55"


The 55" works perfect absoultely from start to finish. 

Start Sessio

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I'm having the same issue with a 55" Surface hub.  Any known resolution yet?

I am also having the same issue with our Surface Hub 55" model. I can see the documenets, but I don't have permission to the files. Also Skype for Biz doesn't work unless

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Hi Vincent

I've not seen this on our 84" Surface Hubs, though I'm intrigued that you say it's taking up to 3 minutes before they will even connect to the web on session st... Read More

Hi, A customer are havining similiar issues with there 84" surface hub. Have you any solution? /ERik

I’m co-authoring a research paper on the Surface Hub with fellow MVP Brett Gilbertson, analysing the impact and return on investment that owners see.

In the survey we ask a variety of questions ranging from supporting technologies (such as Windows & Offic

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Hi Loryan!


I've submitted the survey for your research paper, but just wanted to let you know about a couple issues with the form:


  • The 2 stated options for size are
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Our Surface Hub needs to use a proxy that requires authentication. We are trying to setup the Surface Hub proxy settings with "Use the device account's credentials" for the proxy authentication. The device account's credentials exists in our Active Direct

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Hi Patrick.

I’d highly recommend you raise a support case for Microsoft to look into this. Make sure you gather logs from the Surface Hub (Settings > Update & Security > ... Read More

Still learning here so excuse me for the newbie questions.


When a meeting is joined the whiteboard takes up 75% of the screen or so.  Skype call window is the remainder.  


How does one close out of or minimize the whiteboard so more of the meeting vid

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Hi Milo

You can close apps from the task switcher (at the bottom next to the start button).

However, the Skype bar on Surface Hub always stays the same size. During a call... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Milo 145 (Occasional Contributor)
Maybe this can't be done?????


When we use the white board for example and want to attach the contents of the whiteboard in an email, we get an error saying "Cannot send email now because of an internal error"    Has anyone seen this before and/or have any suggestions?   Thank you



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Hi Thomas, do you use Intune in your env?
Hi, We have the same issue. Our env: O365. What helps it is going to settings, device account and enter again password for UPN. Have you found any other solution?

Are meeting attachments supposed to be accessible on Surface Hubs?


Say you schedule a meeting with a Surface Hub and attach some items, are they supposed to be accessible??????


I've tried hitting the "Content" button bottom right in the meeting window

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Only PowerPoint attachments are supposed to work, pre-loading your slides.

I am looking for a way to record audio and video from the Surface Hub when giving presentations. Using Skype for Business call recorder does not seem to be the best option, as the quality of video I get is not sufficient.

I enclose a video https://channel9.msdn.com/blogs/Design-and-Develop-Apps-for-surface-Hub/Dr-Neil-and-Golnaz-show-YOU-how-to-use-the-Surface-Hub

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Hi Juraj


We use an AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme with a DisplayPort to HDMI cable and Aux cable to record both the screen at 1080p and audio. We can record uncompressed to

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Stay tuned!!!   We have an app coming called COLLABORATION RECALL that addresses this issue ..... AND it's a NATIVE app that was written from the ground up specifical

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We are using Okta for sign in to our environment. We've just gotten our first Surface Hub and it's all configured and updated to current 1703 version. The problem is that when we try to have a user sign on we hit Okta and it sits and spins. Fortunately th

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It's probably best to troubleshoot with a Win 10 PC with the Office Suite and SfB installed.  Once you get that working, Surface Hub should work as well.

I have a case open with MS Support and they have advise to connect the hub on a mobile hotspot and it worked with Okta. As a workaround, we could connect the hub on a VLA... Read More

Hi there everyone, I am trying to solve an issue with our office and our Surface Hub.   When someone signs in and "presents" the Hub screen to remote Mac users, the connection will drop after about 30 seconds.  We have tested on numerous Macbooks and they

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@Thomas Cronk, I've seen issues with SfB and Mac screen share having a number of issues even when no Surface Hub is involved even between two Macs and PC to Macs so if yo

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I don't have answer, but I have found the same issue. With PC works fine, but with Mac screen share drops after ~30 seconds.

Huge Surface Hub fan here.  I thought I'd start a suggestion box thread.  Feel free to contribute.  I'll start with my next reply!

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I think I could cope without a teams app if the hub could join a teams meeting in the same way it joins a SFB meeting?

We could use a free built in PDF app.  We often have executive meetings who need to display large (500+ page) PDF files with bookmarks.  The Edge browser displays the fil

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Hi all,


I just wanted to let you all know that this thread has not gone unnoticed, and that we are collecting the suggestions and forwarding them up the ladder for review

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A suggestion that Microsoft either release very soon the Teams app for the Windows Store and one designed for the Hub or allow Video and Audio Conferencing via the Teams

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Bidirectional whiteboard (members at Surface Hub or remotely connected Surface users) can all draw simultaneously. This has been a day-one need of this platform, and sore

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Very new to Surface Hubs.  We use ADFS.  Wondering if there is a bit more user friendly way to authenticate to ADFS?  when "Signing into see meeting and files"?


I know you must authenticate to get to your items but wondering is there a way to hand off t

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Hey, having some trouble loading PDF's in the latest version of OneDrive (17.25) for the Surface Hub - just hangs with the spinning dot circle reading 'Downloading...', and am not prompted to open in any application (we use Drawboard, however not even Edg

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Hi Timothy

I've just had the following response from one of the Surface Hub Support Engineers (thanks Steve!):

"The symptoms you are reporting are actually due to a bug tha... Read More
Hi Timothy

Yup, same behaviour here. Tried opening a PDF from OneDrive, it sits on downloading... then asks for an internet connection.

Surface Hub is on 10.0.15063.608 (Wi... Read More
Hi Timothy

I'm back in the office tomorrow so I'll give this a test for you and let you know what I see.


Having issues getting a new Hub to logon using a 365 account (ending in @domain.com) if the account is using F5 for SSO (all account tests in the validation .ps1 script pass). If I use a native (@domain.onmicrosoft.com) user account instead, there is no i

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Hi Clint

This seems like a very specialised case (and given the lack of responses so far I'm guessing no one who has read it is in the same boat as you!).

I would highly re... Read More

Is it possible to uninstall apps from the Surface Hub?  I'm referring to any that has been added from the Windows Store that aren't the ones that come by default.

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Hi Jeffrey

Yup, you can! Head to Settings > Surface Hub > Apps & Features. Then tap the app from the list, and tap uninstall.
Best Response confirmed by Jeffrey Allen (Contributor)

When does the next version of Windows 10 version 1709 come available for the Surface Hubs?

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I was hoping to find out last week, or at least get a look at the roadmap and expected features under NDA, but sadly neither materialised.


Currently the Insider previews

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Our customers want to know if the SurfaceHub support to install IE or Chrome browser on it, because their existing business system have some compatibility problems on the edge. If support to install IE or Chrome browser, How to do? Thanks.

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Hi Yanke

I’m afraid not. Surface Hub only supports UWP apps from the Microsoft Store, and Chrome is not currently available in there. Likewise, Edge is the replacement for... Read More

Hi, we just installed a Surface Hub in the office to use for scrum meetings.

The plan is to display the teams' scrum boards from TFS on the Surface to be able to work interactively together at the screen.

However, currently our TFS environment is on a sep

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Hi Anders

I'm not sure this can be done. I've not seen any VPN clients that run on Surface Hub as they are most likely unable to run in a UWP environment.

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Hi all!


"A Surface Hub Tour" app is live!!! We created it for you, it's awesome, please go ahead and use your Admin credentials to download it on your Hubs, or simply download it in your PC from the Windows Store at: http://aka.ms/SurfaceHubApp



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@Nydia Cavazos, thanks for this! I just did a brief overview and looks like something that will be helpful for our staff who don't know much about our Surface Hubs! Read More

Downloaded and tried this out today. I love it and I think it will act as a fantastic introduction to Surface Hub for many of our users!

We're going to be deploying this

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This is fantastic. I've done a lot of Surface Hub training sessions so this will add to my portfolio of leave-behinds.

We have created a shared SharePoint site that has folders for all of our meeting spaces.  We would like for our new Surface Hub to be able to "one click" on that site link so that users can gain easy access to the portal for shared media.  How can I accom

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Can I use smart cards for login to the Surface Hub? If Yes then can anyone provide me with a pointer of where to start? What software is recommended for creating cards etc.

Many Thanks


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