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  • Dear Community, 


    My Client Current existing skype for business standard pool is planing for deploy enterprise pool. I would like to ask if you have document related to integrate Skype for biz front end standard with enterprise pool and migrate user from standard to enterprise. Welcome all ideas. than

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    , 02-19-2017
    Hello, I have not done this myself in the past, might be great to see if we get any responses from others in the field who may have done this. The only thing i can think of is that since you CMS is currently still on the std Edi FE it is likely the publish topology after adding the ent pool will still reach out to the std edition FE. have u tried to publish topology from the STD edi FE itself after adding the ent pool?
  • , 02-02-2017

    I've currently an E3 license available.
    I'd like to do the following setup :

    1. Physical number reachable from POTS
    2. Voice prompt with options (IVR)
    3. One of the options would be oncall services. This will reach out to two numbers (cellphone). If none is picked up, the message is recorded and send to the email address with the useful information (date, time, message, ...)

    How can I implement this and what are the licenses needed?



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    , 02-19-2017
    For cloudpbx with PSTN calling you will have to wait until AA is out. If you use CCE with local PSTN breakout you can integrate with 3rd part IVR systems such as FreePBX via SIP.
  • Hi,


    since the Nov 2016 cumulative update meeting join with iOS 10 started to work.


    Unfortunately, we see with iOS 10.3 beta 1 that, again, meeting join doesn't work. When opening a meeting link in Safari, Safari requests to open the SfB app which works. But the app doesn't offer the options to sign in or to join as guest. The app only shows the login screen and does not start the meeting.


    Using iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.3 beta 1 and Lync Server 2013 on-premise with Nov 2016 CU installed.


    This post is to let Microsoft know in advance that there might be a change required again. We don't want to wait as long as we had to with the iOS 10 release until the fix was published (2 months?!)





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    , 02-18-2017
    The issue with the iOS I have is the same, but on a Skype for Business 2015.

    I forgot that you were using Lync 2013 Server, so the update I mentioned will not work. And I also don't see any references on the latest CU (January 2017). Sorry about that:(
  • Just wanted to check on the timeline for Skype for Business AA Preview approval? I signed up a few weeks ago, and received the welcome email. I have updated my profile and added all of my employees. Is there anything that I can do to expedite the approval process or perhaps there is an additional step/requirement that I am overlooking?


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    , 02-17-2017

    I will follow up with the PM on this. Will let you know what they come back with early next week.

  • Version: Build

    Features added

    • Improved Distribution List and Group Features: Users can now IM and Call DL and Groups.

    • Messages are now separated by date.

    • Support for option SIP URIs in chat window.

    • Users will now occasionally be prompted to rate their call experience.

    • Users can add delegates to the "My Delegates" group in contact group and set call routing preferences to delegates.

    • Delegates can see who has made them a delegate and make calls on behalf of a delegator.

    • Delegates can make calls on behalf of a delegator.

      Note: Delegate/delegator features are currently available for Skype for Business Online customers only. More features to come.


    • Fixed issues with meetings created from Outlook and joining from Polycom and Skype Room Systems.

    • Changed the position of the message "Your microphone is muted" and call controls.

    • Improved screen sharing in 1:1 conversations.

    • Improved ending a call — some users could not end call when in the lobby.

    • Fixed crash issues.

    • Implemented UI improvements.

    • Implemented improvements to voice-over announcements and other accessibility improvements.

    Release notes are also posted here:

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    , 02-17-2017
    We're on SfB Online, but Exchange on prem does that affect the appearance of the group? I don't have a "My Delegates" group in Contacts.
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