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  • , 01-12-2017

    Come join @Sean Wilson and @Lester Hewett as they walk through the most recent updates to the Skype Operations Framework. They will discuss all about what is coming in SOF v3 and how the framework is being applied across all types of customer and partner practices.  

    Join the Skype Meeting Broadcast on Friday, January 13, 2017 at 9:00 am PSThttps://aka.ms/sfbcast
    Previous broadcasts are available on demand at https://aka.ms/sfbcastpast.
  • , 01-10-2017

    Hi all,


    We are conducting research to better understand the usage of different voice services. Microsoft has built a strong portfolio of voice services and we are looking to feedback to help us form the future of Microsoft Voice Services.


    If you have a few minutes, we would love to hear your feedback on Voice Services here: 



    Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us!

  • I see multiple instances of chats with the same contact.  This is really cluttering up my Skype for Business app window in both my mobile iOS and my desktop app.



    Chat session with Joe at 10:00 for 10 minutes

    Chat session with Joe again at 14:00 for 15 minutes


    Now I see two separate chat streams with the same contact.  Why isn't this singular?  If I have a chat session with Joe and i do not actively remove/delete that chat session, shouldn't it just continue the next time one of us write?


    Is this by design?  Do I need to adjust something in Skype for Business Admin on 365? 


    I am using latest builds .  iOS Version and Mac OSX 16.2.156


    Please help, this is sure to cause complaints amongst staff and I expect will introduce user acceptance numbers to drop.  Especially if this is to be compard to WhatsApp, or any attempt to replace WhatsApp.


    Cheers p


    S4B - multiple chat sessions.png

    2 Replies
    , 01-21-2017

    Hi Christine,

    I agree, this is becoming an issue.  The whole point of unified messaging through Skype for Business is to provide singular experience for chats/IM's.  This will be especially important if people start sharing files.


    Microsoft or MVP, any solutions here?


    Best, P

  • I am planning to migrate an On-Prem Lync 2013 standard edition + edge to skype online, The On-prem environment has a Mitel PBX for PSTN connectivity and no plan remove it at this point. So we decided to migrate to skype online and use cloud PBX with On-Prem PSTN connectivity. Upon reviewing the deployment steps I found that before moving the user to skype online you must enable enterprise voice and assign a number to the user (Line URI), that number has to be in E164 format ? for example : tel:+13343345456;ext:5456, but right now, On the Lync On-Prem environment, the format our line URI is set up for all users looks like this tel:+84545;ext:4545. Will that work ? or Cloud PBX only supports E164 format ?


    Do we have to change our line URIs' for all of the users to match E164 ?

    2 Replies
    , 01-20-2017

    ok sounds great ... I will test it with the pilot users. Reason they have a short format is the way their PBX is configured. 

  • We made the experience when simultaneously ring with the mobile phone is activated and the mobile phone is switched off, then an incoming call is rejected. This means the caller is directed to the mobile provider's voicemail or the provider’s message is played that says connection not in operation.


    Moreover the user cannot even accept the call on the computer in Skype for Business, because it is immediately rejected by the mobile provider (the switched off mobile phone).


    Has anyone had similar experiences? Is this behavior by default?

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  • Hi,

    the CQD training series can be found here: http://aka.ms/sof-cqd


    The decks are attached to the forum post.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.




    1 Reply
    , 01-20-2017

    Here are the remaining decks.

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